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anyone running Nuendo on Bootcamp?

Discussion in 'Nuendo' started by 3FOLDSTUDIOS, Apr 24, 2007.



    i am very interested in buying Nuendo 3..i researched HD3 and honestly for what im goin to invest..im not sure if its the BEST route right now..

    i was told Nuendo on PC is ROCK SOLID!!! and ALSO that its not available for Intel yet..

    is anyone using Nuendo 3 on Bootcamp..i am very interested in finding out bout your experience if you are...

    or even your personal thoughts on the PC side

    i have a Mac Intel
    quad core
  2. dterry

    dterry Active Member

    Nuendo 3 is very stable on PC. I think there are a few users on the Nuendo.com forum that have at least tried it under Bootcamp.

    In general, I like Nuendo's workflow better than any other DAW. Editing is excellent. Also, Nuendo 4 seems to be shaping up to have some very interesting Post additions and improvements. Could be a good time to go for Nuendo.

    I believe the word is that N4 will have full Mac Intel and Vista support.


    see thats exactly what ive heard...

    my thing is..im a MAC guy...by default..lol...its what i studied and got used to in college....

    so i know MANY of you have AMAZING PC's..that are probably BETTER than my Intel....but can someone please give me a LAYOUT of what i need to setup a MONSTER PC...or should i be PATIENT...(hard for me)..lol...and wait for N4..i have Cubase 4 and its a bit unstable....


    see why i wanna make a move!!

    thanks for the help...this forum rocks!!
  4. dterry

    dterry Active Member

    Do you want to go dual core 2, quad core, or dual quads? A dual quad core won't give you twice the cpu power of a dual core 2 at the moment (a Nuendo multithreading issue over 4 cpus).

    Build your own or buy preconfigured?


    u think that will ever change...?could i benefit from the Dual Quad later..?

    i just want the BEST setup with N3 to be ROCK SOLID STABLE!!!

    today i was recording Lead Vocals...with multiple punches...(THANK GOD I LEARNED...SAVE and SAVE OFTEN)

    C4 OUT OF NOWHERE!!! unexpectadly quit!!!! i had just saved like a minute b4...

    but i cannot deal with this program nemore...i tried a FRESH install and still no give...

    Steinberg is droppin the ball on C4....and id go HD but the minimun i was quoted was 15K...something i dont need to do ....cuz more than anything id be paying for stability...since i may not take advantage of EVERYTHING HD offers...

    Thanks for your help DTERRY!!

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