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Anyone Use DittoMusic?

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by rbf738, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. rbf738

    rbf738 Active Member

    I recorded my first record for my new project and wanted to be able to say "now available on iTunes" and other stores like that. Anyway I did some research comparing TuneCore and Dittomusic, heard some negative things about TuneCore, and being that Ditto is a bit cheap I went with them.

    Anyways it will be 3 weeks ago tomorrow that I uploaded my music to Ditto and paid their fee. I have yet to find my music in any of the few stores I've checked. It's not on iTunes, not on Spotify, not on rdio.

    I sent them a message last Friday and being that it was the weekend and they're UK based I figured I'd have to wait til Monday to get a response. It's now Wednesday and I have yet to hear anything from them. I just went to their page for life chat support via Skype and am waiting to be confirmed as a contact of theirs.

    They said it could take up to 3 weeks for some stores on their FAQ page, but with iTunes they said it generally is up in 24-72 hours. As you can imagine I'm starting to get pissed.

    I wanted to write here to see if anyone has used them to get their music in the online stores and if so what was your experience like?


    EDIT/UPDATE: I just checked my mail again and they literally and ironically just mailed me back saying that it's been delivered and is processing. Not the best customer support if I have to wait 5 days for a response... I guess I'll just have to keep on checking.

    My guess now is that they forgot to submit it and when they saw me complaining they remembered and hit the submit switch.
  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    They only want your money. They got what they needed and you finally got what you needed. If you had done this on your own, you probably would have saved some money?

    I only pay for things I absolutely need
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  3. rbf738

    rbf738 Active Member

    Thought I'd post an update. It will be 6 weeks come this Saturday since I paid to get my music on the various services (iTunes and Spotify are the main ones). I've since only been added to one or two spammy YouTube alternatives. Someone from the company got back in touch with me 5 days ago basically saying that they apologize, they don't know what happened to my release, and they're looking into it.

    This is ridiculous in my opinion. I feel as if I'm in some kind of purgatory as I can't send out my query letter to music sites to promote it without my music being on these services. It pains me considering how long I've waited but I'll be asking for a refund come this Saturday if nothing has changed.

    And to RemyRad - I wasn't aware that there was a way to get my music on iTunes and Spotify without one of these services as a proxy. I'm pretty sure when I went to Spotify to find out how to get on they told me about services like TuneCore and DittoMusic.

    But by all means if there is a way where I can do it manually myself with no middle man please let me know as I'm at my wits end here!
  4. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    As far as I know (which I don't really because I don't post any for sale music) anybody can sell their stuff on iTunes without going through any middleman. I believe those services merely help to provide for spamming others into purchasing your music for which they get a commission including your sign-up fee? But through cookies and other mal wear you may have picked up, you may get continuously redirected to those middleman spamming sites? You may need to run LAVA Soft Ad-Aware, free version, to eradicate these redirects you may be getting? After all, iTunes gets a commission from everything you sell already, to the best of my knowledge. Why would anyone need a middleman for that? That's an Internet scam that for some, works in thinking they are being better promoted. And maybe you are? Maybe they just want your money? Everything on the Internet is based upon greed profit without any work actually put forth. And that's why they can't find your music! They don't care about delivering services as much as they care about receiving money. And that's why people feel having a good presence on Facebook & Twitter are so important. That coupled with your own server provider, which does cost you a monthly fee. But then, you'd be able to sell directly. You can setup a personal account with your bank to accept credit cards or you can simply sign up for PayPal which now is not exclusive to eBay. And there are greater protections for you through PayPal. So if you're going to put out bucks, you might as well do it on your own behalf instead of lining the pockets of folks who don't give a damn about your product. You could even sell your product through your own website without the use of a third-party server. Most website providers like Go Daddy will provide you with 1 GB of website space. You don't need many megabytes for a website posting. And 500 MB of MP3's available for sale on download from your free 1 GB website service comes free with registration of your domain name through Go Daddy. There are others that work in a similar manner. You can even purchase larger storage on their servers for a smaller monthly fee. And that's what those other folks are basically offering you in a less service oriented and convoluted way.

    I have 7 domains registered with Go Daddy and that only costs me about $150 per two years. So I've got 7 GB of available storage & websites. And if I have any problems or questions, they answer their phones nearly immediately, 24/7 and have provided me with excellent customer care. I really just like Danica Patrick because she is a fast woman like myself.

    I like fast audio and cars/motorcycles. The 1117 doesn't go over 60 mph. So I'm only a fast woman in the control room and not behind the wheel of that diesel truck for sure.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  5. robertfm101

    robertfm101 Active Member

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  6. robertfm101

    robertfm101 Active Member

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  7. Givenchy1

    Givenchy1 Member

    I'll be Frank and really hope this comment helps fellow musicians. I'll post this comment anywhere and everywhere it's needed just because it is based on not just my experience but a handful of other musicians I have communicated with. I'm a competitive business analyst by trade and a passionate musicians for my escape. My day job has me researching and analyzing companies of all types to the very finest piece of detail.

    As a hobby, I write tunes and chose DItto Music as my distributor. Being disappointed is an understatement. They're the poster boys of overselling, over promising and under delivering their services. After using them, I decided to thoroughly look into their organization.

    All you find online is arrogant sandbox arguments with other company heads (back and forth banter with Jeff Price formerly of Tunecore) that immediately makes you have NO confidence in their leadership team. They constantly belittle other competitors which is a clear indication of insecurities and incompetence (ask any shrink). The Parsons brothers not CEO or leadership material and you can easily see that with the culture they've set within their own organization. Do yourself a favor and Google "Ditto Scam" before considering them. That type of leadership comes with an education and experience in which I doubt they possess either.

    Think about some of the services or companies you use and research their CEO's. You just don't see that type of childish behavior because the successful leaders focus on improving and providing the best products and services for their consumers. That takes passion, motivation and demands time.
    Hence why Tunecore fired their own CEO and are focusing on "Tunecore" as a brand, not any one person. Probably one of the best moves they made in an attempt to rebuild their reputation.

    You won't find Ditto's amateur and tree house like way of conducting business with Tunecore, CDbaby, MondoTunes or ReverbNation. Take your pick, all reputable and ethical companies with integrity. Not Ditto Music.

    If Ditto Music was officially US based and they're not...they list Nashville, but that's most likely a residence than a business, They would have lawsuits lined up.

    Do yourself a favor and do your homework before choosing your distributor. Good companies start from the top down, this is a basic fact. I would suggest any of their competitors before selecting Ditto.
  8. ScottGMAS

    ScottGMAS Member

    I've used Ditto, since 2009. I work at a music college based in the Midlands so i'd say we have released around 100+ artists through their system since 2009.
    Firstly, the comment above is by one of the competitors mentioned in their own paragraph. You can tell which one it is because it's the one you haven't heard of. Every time i see any distribution review for any company, they are on here. Their name starts with an M. Steer clear.
    As for Ditto, we have always had great service. Releases have been on time, quickly distributed and always been paid within a few hours of putting our requests in.
    If you check out this review by Wired magazine it's a pretty spot on run down between what you get. http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2013/05/test/tune-in-sell-out
    With Tunecore you are putting your music into a big system without any human interaction. CDbaby and Ditto aren't poles apart in terms of both having great customer services, but CDbaby is really expensive and i would say out dated now, based on their market position.

    MAS records Kidderminster is my label. Anyone who wants to know more about our artists or people we are working with feel free to contact me on here. Ditto have never let us down and i am happy to give you details of artists that we have distributed through them.
  9. Loose

    Loose Member

    Dittomusic's attitude and conduct is terrible.

    Their response is fast when it involves transferring funds to them. However, when it comes to transferring funds to the customer and general inquiries, their response is slow and downright rude at times. They will reply with ridiculous excuses for their unprofessional behaviour when they have already shown that they can respond promptly. Their response is selective I.e. When a customer intends to transfer funds to them.

    At the moment, they have promised me to refund an incorrect charge directly on my credit card within 5 to 7 business days. Over 15 business days have passed and I have yet to receive a reply to my email.

    Dittomusic used to have a good reputation. However, over the past 3 years a lot of labels and artists as week as reviewed have reported poor conduct and dishonesty. Maybe they grew too fast and couldn't handle it or got greedy, I don't know exactly what but they don't seem to be very open either.

    At this rate, they will have setup heir own failure.

    Stay away from Dittomusic.

    Regarding royalties:
    They also claim to be unable to payput sales from unlicensed remixes (which is fair), however, they take no initiative or show any intention in redirecting sales originating from those remixes to the original copyright holder - it's a double standard. They have withheld sales from unlicensed remixes.

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