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Anyone using 5.0?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by cdp, Jun 1, 2001.

  1. cdp

    cdp Active Member

    If so, how are those "recordable" live-input objects working? Tried it on multiple inputs? How about using the live-inputs on inputs that are only being monitored: while recording other tracks?


    Charles Di Pinto
  2. nrgmusic

    nrgmusic Guest

  3. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    I'm curious to know where you got version 5.0? Is it upgradeable from 4.7? I looked on their sire but saw nothing even mentioned about 5.0? One curious individual due to a rumor about 5.0 being able to be installed on Win2k
  4. Umm..5.0 is coming in september, or so I think. :)
  5. nrgmusic

    nrgmusic Guest

    Originally posted by mr. rob:
    Umm..5.0 is coming in september, or so I think. :)

    I think you are right

  6. cdp

    cdp Active Member

    Actually, I'm a fan of the live input objects already available, but, although I'm not using 4.7, I'm not aware of the ability to actually record what you're monitoring. Recording the effects right off the live input object is possible in 4.7? That would make my wait for 5.0 much more comfortable...


    Charles Di Pinto
  7. mikropu

    mikropu Guest

    With 4.7 you can: Monitoring with effects. (just monitoring)

    With 4.7 you can´t: Monitoring AND recording with effects.

    That will come with 5.0, and this version will be out in september, right.
    (so they say)

  8. pan

    pan Guest

    folks, we need to know about each others setup (Mac/PC/what Hardware) some features you are looking for, are already possible with different setups. We all should definitely use shortcuts like LAW(indows) and LAM(ac(intosh)) for specifying the question. (and answers)


    Originally posted by mr. rob:
    Umm..5.0 is coming in september, or so I think.


    I think you are right

    It will propably be as always:

    announced in August, released in September and shipped by Santa Claus :D

    tschüß, Niko
  9. seclusion

    seclusion Guest

    Along those lines..
    I'm running LAW 4.7 windoze..
    I'd like to setup my digi mixer to send into my 2408 and use the plugs in LAw as sorta an external Fx's unit.. I'm sure I had it work once.. But be damn if I can think it through again.. I have it set to input monitor..
    Then if I do this... I would have to arm that track.. Would it not record that enabled track as I'm recording other tracks???
    Or am I dreamin..
    Brian :s:
  10. jkasko

    jkasko Guest

    I would like to do exactly the same thing, but I can't seem to get live inputs from a digital source (i.e. my D8B or 2408 from my Mac rig) into LAW 4.7.2. Could someone explain how to do this?


    -Joe Kasko
    Perfect Sound
  11. pan

    pan Guest

    just make any Audio Object an Input Object

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