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Anyone using the MOTU Symphonic Instrument?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by zerosin, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. zerosin

    zerosin Active Member

    I got it working OK but there are some clicks in the audio output that sound like software errors. Happes in DP 4 and Logic Express 7 with various sound cards. I'm so sad because this software instrument is so cool otherwise. :cry:
  2. zerosin

    zerosin Active Member

    Seems to be related to several issues. One is OS 10.3.9. If I run it in 10.3.0 there are almost no clicks until using the built-in reverb, I can also see the audio performance in DP 4.6 spike, though the spike is not shown in 10.3.9 with no reverb. In 10.4.2 there are no artifacts at all until I use the reverb, then the audio performance shows a spike. Man the reverb in the MSI is a hog, worse than any Waves plug-in. I can run at least 3 Renaissance reverbs but I can't enable the reverb in MSI. It does sound darn good though (between the clicks).

    Oh well, time for a dual processor upgrade. :? $
  3. jimmy brown

    jimmy brown Guest

    im using MSI on a powerful PC (P4/3.2/2048 ram) with EMU 1820m soundcard and find that to get anything that can be remotely described as an acceptable sound, i have to go down to 40ms latency. anything lower is totally unplayable. theyve clearly released the software before fully testing it, and lo and behold there are NO forums on the MOTU site. cheers MOTU.
  4. zerosin

    zerosin Active Member

    Yea, I'll be setting the buffers above 256 and see how that works. For now, I figure I'll limit track playback when playing the MSI and record the MIDI. Then raise the buffers, enable the rest of the tracks and let MIDI time stamping handle the timing of MSI playback.

    Since MSI uses a USB hardware key, it will make it hard for all the kiddies out there to download it for free, so I doubt there will be a lot of online support. Hopefully MOTU will support it well. Funny that DP 4 at it's much higher cost does not require a key.
  5. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    go to http://www.unicornation.com They have a SI forum already... hey, they only do motu stuff. Since I have had DP for years and years that is the only other forum I go to besides RO- but RO does rule!
  6. zerosin

    zerosin Active Member

    Good point. I've been crusin' in DP without problems for so long now I almost forgot about that forum. Good call.

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