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api or amek or manley or GR to my gold mic

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Gear' started by Gabriel Sousa, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. hello,

    sorry for asking again... but

    i just dont know what to my to my Manley gold mic.

    API 7600 or amek CIB or Great River MP-2NV or manley TNT or manley mono pre or Focusrite isa 430 or Millennia stt 1
    i just have $3000 to spend

    i have a Avalon 737, Grace 101, summit 2ba-221, focusrite voicemaster pro, tl-audio 5051 and a Soundcraft M8.

    it to record male vocals ( tenor ), i wanna a clean, transparent, smooth sound. ( i prefer a transistor system)

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