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Apple laptop - G3 or G4?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Tenson, May 24, 2005.

  1. Tenson

    Tenson Active Member

    What sort of audio work is the G3 and G4 iBook capable of?

    I want to get an Apple laptop to learn more about osX. I know lots about PC based systems but not so much about Apples and a laptop would be nice.

    I want to run Logic Audio or Cubase SX... I don't want to do really heavy audio work as I have my main system for that but I want to do a bit of stuff... for example some live multitrack recording or a bit of mixing. How much stuff can the G3 do? Can I run a reasonable number of plug-in and tracks? Reverb, compressors, guitar amp simulators?
  2. axel

    axel Guest

    you are better off with a g4 ibook then a g3, a 1.25ghz ibook will do it.
    logic is starting to be more CPU hungry, as a lot of other progs too, since the G5 duals...

    and logic is defenitely better for a mac, cubase doesn't perform particularly well, less plugs and stuff (i mean what it is able to handle)

    DP or Logic on an ibook is fine, for all "normal" use.
    that is 24 track with a decent ammount of plugs and synths, samplers.

    ehh, by the way a firewire 7200rpm HD for audio will do you good on a laptop for audiowork in any case!!!
  3. Tenson

    Tenson Active Member

    Thanks, I have a very fast external HDD already so thats not a problem. What sort of difference is there between a G3 800MHz and a G4 800MHz?
  4. axel

    axel Guest

    to be honest, i am not really an expert, more of an comp end user, you know the kinda switch the main button happy when it works type of guy, but as far as i know the entire architecture of a G4 is different to that of a G3, that makes a lot of the speed and processor power...

    but maybee a real comp expert will jump in and give some explanation, but then again... as long as the button thingy works and i can make / record music..., if you have the choice go for a G4...

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