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    I thought perhaps folks would be interested in reading this article, and then commenting on it. Although the author talks about the pop single per se, (NOT Classical Music directly) a lot of it could apply to recorded music in general for the rest of us. Take a look, if you have a moment, and read the article below:

    The sad death of the pop single
    (Filed: 29/01/2005)

    Andrew O'Hagan marks the passing of the experience of waiting for things, and the experience of actually handling them

    In some ways, it makes what WE do (High end recording, with no compromises on the production end as well as the delivery side) all the more rare and important.

    It's hardly news now, but there are those who are already saying the CD is dead, and that the world will just go to downloads and virtual music collections from now on. I find that sad, and more than a little strange, at least until the bandwidth improves, and audiophiles can get actual wav files instead of those awful MP3 files. (Doesn't ANYONE out there feel shortchanged with the sound of these things?!?!?!)

    How do the rest of you feel about this? Do you feel (as I do) that we've become the vanguards of doing it RIGHT, with no compromisies, and no "instant gratification" involved? I just never thought I'd be one of the holdouts in the way music is made and enjoyed.... Has the world gone crazy, or are WE? :shock:
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    I don't have much comment on that story other than I've seen a lot of it coming for a long time. I don't think it is ever quite time to pull out the flowers and have a funeral... Hey, we've been dealing with the "death" of the classical world (orchestra) for what, a decade now? The industry changes, but never dies...

    This was an article in this Sunday's LA Times. Especially those that have played in orchestras professionally may find it interesting (and Joe- they talk about the Phili orchestra as part of the article).,2,3107741.story

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    I'd love to read it, Ben, but the LA Times folks have a "members/subsribers only" firewall around that...can't even get the "Free" online version. weird.

    Philly O has been making the news lately, along with a few other develpments around here. There was also a "non" news story about the acoustics in the Kimmel Center, again...complaints it's too dry in Verizon Hall, etc. etc. Mostly, it was a report by Russell Johnson & Co., that they need to make the acoustic movable walls more reflective to add more sizzle and reverb. Since there's no $$$ to do it right now, and since most folks now think the hall sounds pretty good (esp in the cheap seats!), not much is going to be done. For the most part, I got the feeling the story was run mostly to embarass management, as is usually the case with the media in our town.

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