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ASIO drivers and Missing Outputs

Discussion in 'Recording' started by sturgis58, May 29, 2001.

  1. sturgis58

    sturgis58 Guest

    I've been going to the mattresses for the last couple of weeks with my PIII600 computer, Win 98se & 2408mkII. There had been a constantly recurring error message in Sonar referring to Tdif Outputs 1 and 2 being unavailable due to being in use by another application. Of course, there was not anything else running when this would happen, and I had totally stripped my OS to the bone for audio optimization back when I set it up.
    So...I finally gave up on Sonar and went back to good old Cubase 5.0. Lo and behold - same problem...according to the 2408 support files over at MOTU's tech site - there is a similar occurence with Mac's ...The only thing I can ascertain , so far, is that perhaps you shouldn't have wave drivers and Asio installed at the same time. Of course, I'm not sure of this, because I can't get in touch with Motu tech support...
    If anyone has a clue, I'd love to hear a fix for this problem. :eek:

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