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Discussion in 'Recording' started by mark4man, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. mark4man

    mark4man Active Member

    Just solved a problem in the DAW concerning offline processing (track bouncing artifacts w/ plug-in applied), by moving back to ASIO drivers (from WDM.)

    What is it exactly about ASIO that makes it superior to WDM (or, is it)?

    I understand they both have their own issues. For me, I was originally running ASIO, but ran into a delay compensation problem (somewhat common to the platform.) The only fix was to go back to WDM, which I didn't want to do at the time...since both SONAR & my AI's mfg. recommended their use.

    Now I'm back (but wondering what to do if the old problem is still hangin' around.)

    So, what's the scoop on ASIO?



    Dell 8250 / Windows XP
    Intel 850E Motherboard/Chipset
    Intel P4 2.53GHz CPU (512 KB L2 Cache, 533 MHz FSB)
    1024 MB PC1066 RDRAM
    Ultra 60GB Primary HD (OS, Apps, Files/Folders)
    Maxtor (DiamondMax 9+) 80GB Secondary HD (Audio Data)
    Echo Audio Layla24/96 AI
    SONAR XL 2.2
    WaveLab 4.1b
    UAD-1 v3.7

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