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at first glance....no!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by imagineaudio, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. imagineaudio

    imagineaudio Active Member

    This question regards the FW1884 tascam controller/interface.
    I use Cubase SX 1.13 and Nuendo 2.01

    When this product was initially released I was somewhat interested in it, but lack of support by steinberg turned me off.....now over a year later and really getting tired of "mousing" my mixes, I am reconsidering this "all-in-one" box. I turn to ya'll for some help......is anyone using it? I downloaded the cubase/nuendo notes off tascam's website and It looks like the unit will be pretty functional. What do you guys think? Is it working well for you, is audio over firewire pretty reliable?

    I was considering a mackie control / firepod combo, but I like the fact that you can use external converters and word clock on the tascam. Also, I heard you can add 8 more channels using adat? How does this work exactly? will i be able to record 16 analog channels simutaniously? thanks in advance for your responses

  2. imagineaudio

    imagineaudio Active Member

    .....or not.... :(

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