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ATM25 vs Audix D6

Discussion in 'Recording' started by B3GrooverTheShill, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. Hey folks. I can afford one of these and I'd like your opinions on which one I should spend my money on.

    I'm recording a jazz kit. I've been using a Shure Beta52 but I don't like the tone. It's too "rock n' roll" sounding.

  2. Fruition2k

    Fruition2k Active Member

    Not to avoid your question about the two mentioned but look into the RE20, Beyer M88, even a 421 might be give you a easier place to start.
  3. henryrobinett

    henryrobinett Active Member

    Why? I'm looking into the same question. I think I've decided to go D6. I was also looking at Sennheiser e602. I'm just tired of the D112. I also do mainly jazz. I've heard that the e602 might be a little too hyped in the upper mids, making it more applicable to Hip Hop, etc.. I haven't heard it so I don't know.

    But I'm curious. Why would those be easier places to start?
  4. Fruition2k

    Fruition2k Active Member

    After 18 years using them, I've found the best results for that type of music, and live use as well. Speaking from experience not heresay.
  5. henryrobinett

    henryrobinett Active Member

    Thanks. But what I mean is, what about them make them "easier places to start?" I guess the phraseology has me confused.

    I mean I really am a fan of the 421, but I've never used one on kick. I know a lot of folks do. The last session I did I used a Soundelux iFet on the kick and it was perfect. But I'm not going to spoend that kind of money on a kick mic. It was big and poofy. Perfect for SOME jazz applications, when you don't want a tight a focused sound. Obviously most of that comes from tuning. Buty I know I wouldn't have gotten that sound from my usual D112.

    Not familiar with the other mics you mentioned. I've used the EV PL-20, which I think is more or less the same thing as the RE20. Though once again I haven't used it on kick. But I've heard that the RE20 is great on it. The M88 I don't knnow. My druthers? An AEA44c.
  6. Fruition2k

    Fruition2k Active Member

    Mostly I base it on not having to eq...using the mics freq. response curve. I've been using my Daking pre/eqs for kick and snare exclusively. I love the eq but I'd rather not use any if the mic will give me what I'm looking for first. AEA44? Havent tried one yet, did have a 4038 I bought from Wes but replacing ribbons were getting costly not to mention turn around time, sold it for an M269.
  7. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    As for the original question....both of these mics allow a solid, deep,well defined kick sound with very little if any EQ. For a jazz set, I would be little more inclined to the ATM25 as it has just a touch less klick than the D6.Again, both are excellent mics at very decent prices. As was mentioned by one of the other posters, a Sennheiser MD421 makes a very good kick mic also.I have used one on kick in the past and while it was a very good choice, there was a bit of a lack of natural low end.Adding EQ was not a problem however and the resultant sound was a good match on that particular session.The ATM25 and the Audix D6 are more oriented towards the kick mic in general and will require no manipulation to get a great sound.
  8. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Next time you make the schlepp down here, bring your ATM 25 and we will record some comparisons with the D6 and a D112... K.
  9. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Absolutely!Maybe I'll find a 421 to go in there too..
  10. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I have 3 421's here already :D Take yer' pick ...
  11. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Well then...there ya go..If we're gonna make a real good kick drum mic comparison, then a 421 should be in the mix....dun-cha-thin?I'll bring the D4 Audix also as it must be considered also.And of course the now famous Unidyne III SM57.
  12. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    I'm another real big fan of the 421 for kick. And while it may not always be the perfect mic for the kick, there has been very few times when it didn't still do a great job. And of those few times when it didn't, the SM57 was a winner in a few of them. I've recently heard some kits where the Audix D6 got used and it has my interest. I'd be leary about it being good for Jazz work though. If you have a 421, try putting a windscreen over the head, it has worked for me a few times for a less modern/hyped kick sound. I would suggest for Jazz the EV RE-20. Works for bass cabinets and some vocals as well.
  13. Bobby Loux

    Bobby Loux Active Member

    Bob Ohlssen (motown legend) recomends putting a windscreen over his kick drum mics as well for similar effects. I tried that with my D-6 and the results were pleasing, a bit more isolation from high freq. bleed.
  14. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I personally have never liked the 421 on kicks.. it just doesn't get enough low end for my taste but this may have something to do with the way I place my mics... the RE20 gets plenty of low but lacks the high end "tick" I like ... until I got the D6, the D112 was my personal fave on kicks although the baset' ball sound is becoming a bit dated.

    I really like the Audix D6 , although I would agree with AudioGaff that it is not real suitable for jazz, but then again I have probably recorded about 3 jazz bands ove a 30 year period. Most of the stuff I do is rock, pop, country and blues. For those applications, the D6 is perfect.
  15. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    The RE20 is a very good mic for the jazzier kind of material. My favorite over the years for a kick sound that has that sort of spread out thump sound(illiterate today!) has been the venerable D12.Always round sounding without the 'ping' of the D112.Since I sold the D12, the only mic close to it has been the ATM25.I know a lot of people tout these but a lot of them are talking about its little brother the ATM25PRO.This is a very inexpensive mic but not the same,just wanted to clarify this.I used a 441 on kick once and was amazed.This is a mic that really lets you hear the tuning and characteristics of the drum itself.There was also a time when the Sennheiser MD409 was the right choice on kick.It was speed metal and we needed everything really closely miced to capture all the notes the drummer played.the 409 was the only mic tight enough to accomplish this.
  16. ErikFlipside

    ErikFlipside Guest

    i would not recommend the D6 for jazz. i'm really surprised it was even mentioned. have you looked at the frequecy response of this mic? i think it is very scooped (like a modern rock kick sound)...i thought there was something like an 11db drop around 400Hz, but that seems a bit much. my friend has one for and he picked it because of the more modern rock/punk sound of it. That's the same reason I like my beta52 - the R&R sound.

    honestly for jazz (which i'll admit i don't record it but have sat in on a few "blue" jazz recording sessions) i would strongly suggest going with the RE20 facing the outside drum head. The 421 or an LDC might even work well for this.

    Think about it this way...the D6 was included in the Travis Barker "signature" audix drum package. Travis plays fast punk and modern rock.
  17. Thanks everyone for the replies. I'd love to get a RE20, but that's a bit out of my price range. The ATM25 can be had for around $140 which is very reasonable. I think I may go with that.
  18. bgavin

    bgavin Guest

    I have several ATM25 (eBay) and like the way they sound nice 'n fat in the track. The response is pretty even, with a slight hump (+3) around 60 Hz, and rising above 1 KHz. The spec says good down to 30 Hz.
  19. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Here is another vote for the D6...I love it for that rock sound.
  20. Warhead

    Warhead Active Member

    I like the E/V ND868. On the following link, you can hear it raw through 4 different preamps. It's got plenty of whump with a decent click and it takes eq well.

    Check out the "kick drum" clip.



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