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Att: Here Again mixers please read

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Logan, Sep 5, 2001.

  1. Logan

    Logan Active Member

    Ok you folks are the luckiest folks in the world 'cause marvelous Mark Owen is gona make life easy for you. Mark can handle just about any format you can throw at him and is willing to give it to you the way you want. So if you want WAV. you can have it as straight wav.files or as Nuendo or Cakewalk , If you want Pro tools let me know your version(including 001)and it will happen. So if you are mixing digi you need to Email me with detailed info on your system and i'll pass it on to Mark and get the disc to you.
    If you are mixing 2"(at any speed and calibration) or 1" (only at 15 isp) please let me know your calibration specs. Now 2" guys have to handle the shipping and it will be done only this way. If you have a Fed EX account let me know and you can mail the slip to Mark I'll give you the details after you Email me if you don't have a Fed Ex account you can purchase a slip and mail it to Mark again mail me Ill get you the details. The 2" tape will pass from mixer to mixer unless you want to send Mark a roll of tape. First mail to me gets it first with his calibrations. If there is more than one 2"mixer you will be told who to mail the FED Ex slip to next. 1" mixers will have to send Mark a tape and he can only handle 15 ips. So first sign up at the Here Again slot, Mixerman is a stickler for rules, then Email,logan.murray@sympatico.ca with your details and questions. But do it ASAP as Mark has a schedule to keep and we want to get everything out quickly, before he has to go out for a gig and to no doubt collect the expensive single malt that the mixerpimp owes him. Take care Logan
  2. Mixerman

    Mixerman Active Member

    Why only at 15 ips? I'd prefer 30.

    There's only one person that has the latitude of calling me mixerpimp, and that's Mark.

    I'll let it slide this time, 'cause ya didn't know.

  3. Logan

    Logan Active Member

    Only the 1" tape can only be done at 15 isp and it's unlikely that we will have any call for that format anyway.
    Hey, you pimp out my new friend Mark you suffer the consequences. OK. Take care Logan
  4. NEVE8068

    NEVE8068 Guest

    Ism't pimpin hard work mixerman you just gotta stay on them man whores and make sure your $*^t is propah. - Mark

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