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  1. tamiros

    tamiros Active Member


    I want to buy cubase 5 or 6.
    how does that licnece go for that kind of sofware? is it per computer or can I re-install it if I buy a new computer?
  2. jimmys69

    jimmys69 Active Member

    With Cubase, the program itself is basically free. You pay for the license, which is held on what is called a dongle. Basically the same idea as an Ilok key. As long as the dongle is connected to any computer with the version of Cubase installed, that you have purchased the license for, it will work. Lose or break the dongle, and you basically re-purchase another license.
  3. tamiros

    tamiros Active Member

    is it the same dongle with any version of cubase?
    and about what you said in case I break the dongle: can they just send a new one if I break it?
  4. jimmys69

    jimmys69 Active Member

    Yes, same dongle. If you purchase C6, which I would recommend, you essentially have a license for all previous versions as far as I know.

    If you register your product with Steinberg (Cubase makers), there is a chance of replacing the license without charge. You would definitely have to purchase a new dongle though. Ironically, just this morning I read a post on the Steinberg forum regarding a user who lost his dongle and was able to get his new license downloaded free of charge. Keep in mind that the old license would be void, thus nobody else could use it if the lost dongle was found.

    Steinberg used to be much more strict with their licensing. Seems they have lightened up lately. :)
  5. tamiros

    tamiros Active Member

    actually I was referring to future versions.
    I might be buying an audio interface that comes with cubase 5 essentials and the question is: does that mean I will a license for cubase 6 too?
  6. jimmys69

    jimmys69 Active Member

    No. Upgrades are sequential in numeration. 5 is old, 6 is newer, thus more expensive. Cubase 5 Essentials is a step above the free LE5. C6 is an upgrade. If you buy C5, or 6, or even buying an interface that comes with an LE version, you will get a discount for an upgrade. I believe $100 off the full version price, which basically gives you a free interface. C7 will likely be released within the year. Get C6, and the upgrade to 7 will probably be under $150. Upgrade to C6 from an LE version I believe is $399. Upgrade from 'full version' C5 to C6 is $199.

    I suggest you find out if Cubase 'feels' good to you, by trying a demo or free version of the product, before you jump in and purchase the software. Many are totally happy with software such as Reaper, which is free to try, and only $60 for home use when you decide to pay. Everyone has there own tastes in software. Until you know what yours are, nobody can tell you what is good for you. If you already have Cubase experience, and like it, then I suggest you buy a full version. LE versions do not have full functionality, nor do they get updates from the original versions like the full software does. Buggy to say the least.
  7. Jeff Hayat

    Jeff Hayat Active Member

    Not entirely true.

    Used to be, lost dongles were never replaced (save for some guy that lost everything in Katrina), but as jimmy69 alluded to, SB has recently lightened it's stance somewhat.

    Broken donlges have always been repaired or replaced. There might be a small fee attahced, but you needn't re-purchase another license if the dongle breaks - even if it's through your own stupidity.


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