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Audio Latency/Studio Setup BIG PROBLEMS

Discussion in 'Recording' started by K Shay, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. K Shay

    K Shay Active Member

    I'm running an Audiobox 1818vsl 8 channel mixer through Cubase 5, I have a Head Amp Pro 6 channel headphone amp, a MXL 3000 microphone, and M-Audio Studio Pro 8 speakers. My speakers are connected by connecting an audio cable from the main speaker (right), to the other speaker(left). I have to use the Audiobox as the driver in Cubase in order for me to record through it. The audiobox's speaker outputs are channeled left and right. I can't use my monitors because it only has one 1/8th inch jack output. So I just plugged it in the left output into the audiobox, but I only got sound out of the main speaker. So I took an AUX chord and ran it from the direct in on the headphone amp to the left main output on the audiobox. I plugged the monitors into channel 6 on the headphone amp and turned on mono-left, and it worked. But now I have to do this for every headphones I plug in. Here's the next issue. I went to test out the MXL 3000 mic. I opened a channel in Cubase matching channel one on the audiobox. With the Cubase monitor turned off, and the mic volume on the audiobox up, the mic sounded perfect. But everytime I got loud it clipped. When I turned the volume on the audiobox down i couldnt hear a thing. So i turned the monitor on in Cubase for it to get louder, and there's very bad audio latency. Can someone PLEASE tell the correct setup I need to do to make everything be plugged in the right way, and how to fix the audio latency??
  2. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Studio Pro 4 or Studiophile CX8? Ok, as I understand it you have the following:
    Presonus Audiobox interface.
    Art HeadAmp Pro 6
    M-Audio Studio Pro (4?) monitors which are...never mind.

    Ok, you will need quantity two cables that are XLR male on one end and TRS phone plug on the other. You will then need quantity two cables that are TS phone plug on one end and RCA (phono) plug on the other.

    Leave the Presonus box Left channel to the Art HeadAmp Left channel input with a TRS to XLR-M cable. Repeat process with right channel.
    Leave the Left HeadAmp Thru port with a TS to RCA cable and go into the monitor left RCA jack. Repeat process with right channel.

    Now you should have both monitors and headphones. If you have the SP-8B speakers then you simply run TRS to TRS cables between the HeadAmp and each monitor.

    Lets just start here. We'll deal with the latency in a bit after you confirm what exact speakers you have.
  3. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Let me correct myself. The HeadAmp has both XLR and TRS inputs so to go from the Presonus box the the Art box you will need common TRS to TRS cables. Leaving the HeadAmp will depend on confirmation of the speakers.
  4. K Shay

    K Shay Active Member

    Going to get the cables today so and hook them up!! Thankyou!
  5. K Shay

    K Shay Active Member

    And they are m audio studio pro 3 monitors lol i thought it said 8
  6. K Shay

    K Shay Active Member

    The cables are connected and everything works:) do you know how to fix the audio latency now?
  7. bouldersound

    bouldersound Real guitars are for old people. Well-Known Member

    The Audiobox isn't a mixer exactly, it's an interface with fairly advanced DSP input monitoring/mixing called VSL. It should be possible to get adequate volume with just the hardware monitoring (VSL). If that's not happening then look at cabling, VSL settings, Audiobox settings, monitor settings etc.
  8. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    So if you monitor from within Cubase you will have to deal with tweaking your computer for primarily audio use only. Once tweaked because you don't have a purpose built audio computer you will have to experiment with how low your buffer can go. This setting is found in Cubase VST hardware secdtion.

    If you monitor directly via the Audiobox (and hence right to the HeadAmp) you will have nearly zero latency. The issues you were having with volume should not exist now that you have everything patched correctly. Leave the monitor level down on Cubase. Go into the gui for the Audiobox and make sure the mic channel is routed directly to the output your headphones are on. Note: you will want your monitors OFF for this to work. Use only your headphones to avoid feedback loops. The MXL3000 is a condenser mic and as such you won't have to have the preamp up very high at all. I'd start with about a third on the rotary knob. Once the mic is set so it doesn't clip then all volume in the headphones is controlled via the HeadAmp.

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