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audio synch on G4

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Coles4038, Oct 27, 2001.

  1. Coles4038

    Coles4038 Guest


    I've eagerly updated to a G4 466 Mac on OS 9.1 only to find I can't get an Adat/Edit card to work right. I get this distortion sound on audio playback and figure it's a sync issue. The funny thing is that Sound Manager works fine and I get audio out on iTunes and Quicktime perfectly with output set on Adat PCI.

    On a PC it was easy to check DMA option on the hard drive. The Mac is all too new to me.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    need more info.....like what audio app are you using? Have you made sure you have the right clock source set? Also make sure that the extensions are trimmed and that you have the correct extensions turned on. Also make sure that the ADAT Edit card is not set as your default sound manager device when using the audio app of choice...this can cause issues sometimes. make sure sample rate is the same as well. some of these tips may be obvious but I have to cover the basics!!! :D
  3. Coles4038

    Coles4038 Guest

    Hi Opus,

    Only running the basic set of apps that came with the computer so far.

    I set up current OMS from Opcode.com, and will make sure its preference is not Adat sync. (set for Qicktime sythesizer for single midi device)

    I believe I have all correct drivers. PCR Library, Sound Manager and that the extensions are turned on. (& current ASIO for folder)

    In Adat Edit software, not sure how to set the sync but for the "internal setting" for midi clock and audio. I know about the Audio page and prefrences in the sub page. Did I miss something?

    There's also the transport which has a sync button. Really haven't touched that except to make sure the audio playback is 44.1 or 48 when needed.

  4. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Well...I've never run the Adat/Edit card on a Mac especially without a specific app like Cubase or Logic...When you record the material you record it via what? Quicktime? What is the output of whatever app you are using set to? Is it too loud? Maybe sound manager is distorting somehow? Also you can set your disk cache lower to 512..try that and see of that helps..I'll look into more options for ya..I'll email a buddy who uses the Adat card on a Mac and see what he says..hang in there for now..
  5. Coles4038

    Coles4038 Guest

    I tried the lower cache and it didn't improve the sound.

    I'm transfering thru Adat Connect. In terms of both audio I've brought in via SDII files or the Demosong, both are distorted on output via Adat/edit app. The Quicktime player has a midi player I use for a simple midi monitor. That's the midi device selected in A/E. BTW, I've seriously been trying to get thru to someone at Alesis. Phones were out all last week.
  6. Coles4038

    Coles4038 Guest


    I finally got throught to Alesis and spent a good amount of time going over the system. Then I spent the same or better with Apple and did a Hardware test and re-installed OS 9.1. Still no go.

    I'm going now to send the card to L.A. to Alesis' office for an inspection. According to them the card should work except for the possibility that the 466 Mac has a hardware conflict like the newest G4's do.

    I must say everyone has been very helpful and I'm grateful. The bonus has been the time spent talking with Apple and with those really nice people in Ontario.

  7. Coles4038

    Coles4038 Guest

    Well, I received a call from Alesis and the card itself is faulty. It was a new card.

    When I install the replacement I'll post the results.
  8. Coles4038

    Coles4038 Guest


    O.k. I've reinstalled the card and now 1/2 works fine. The Adat Connect part goes to and fro to the computer without a hitch.

    It's the Adat Edit part which is still the same, noise, pops, crackles.

    Now, I'll call Alesis to see if I need to change any settings, but I did find this out. From Emagic, Micrologic AV ver. 4.61 had full OS 9.1 capablity. Currently it's ver. 4.81

    This ver of Adat Edit is 2.0 and I think its kinda an AV ver. 4.06 where amends were made for the G4 velocity engine.

    The silver lining here: i/o adat.


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