Automating Vst, Vsti, and DirectX Plugins

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by bubacka, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. bubacka

    bubacka Guest

    I was wondering of any one can tell me how to automate vst instruments.
    Particulary the Master Filter in Ilio's Stylus, and other global functions in DX plug-ins and vst plug-ins, such as waves plugins, or t racks.
    Thank You.
  2. bhuvan

    bhuvan Active Member

    you can either use the "touch" mode and your actions/tweaking will be recorded as you make any changes.

    if you're using pro tools, you'll have to add each parameter that you want to automate to the automation track and then draw a curve. in logic, you'll have a listing of each parameter that you want to draw automation for.

    what platform are you on?
  3. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    :shock: Wow! what a pain ... No wonder all the engineers who use PT want to mix through an automated console!

    In Cubase all I do is locate to the point where I want to make the moves, enable write for automation .. run the song, make the move. If I don't like how it plays back, I can delete last mix and do it again until I'm satified. Just like on a large automated console.
  4. bhuvan

    bhuvan Active Member

    haha... kurt, i had a feeling you're going to have a post and a take on this one!

    and at this i might say, that most probably you've got my reverence for PT out of the window. i'm now considering pyramix etc really more seriously.
  5. bubacka

    bubacka Guest

    I use Cubase SX 2 and i still cant automate the master filter of the stylus vst module, i tried with the touch fader automation settings and i still cant automate it???? wonder why?
  6. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Perhaps the plug isn't automation capible?
  7. bhuvan

    bhuvan Active Member

    is Ilio's Stylus the same as spectrasonics stylus?

    well, in sx2, when you open a track and use a certain VSTi on it, then with the small + sign below the track name you can drop down automation tracks of various parameters. you can choose the parameter from a drop box. then draw with the pencil tool.

    or you can see what the controller no is of the parameter that you want to automate and double click on the region. in the lower half of this window, you can choose to view a particular controller's automation.

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