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Balancing a RNC

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by try2break, Apr 6, 2001.

  1. try2break

    try2break Guest

    Everyone loves the RNC. But everyone dreads using it in its stock unbalanced state when running long cable runs. So that will be my next DIY project: balancing my RNC.
    What will it take? I know, a few nice transformers and a new case, possibly a new power supply, but has anyone done this before. I don't believe I have the electrical skills to pull this thing off uncoached, so any help would be awesome.
  2. hargerst

    hargerst Active Member

    What kind of scenario would require long cable runs for an RNC? Why wouldn't you keep it pretty close to the mixer?
  3. Ang1970

    Ang1970 Well-Known Member

    Just a hunch, but wouldn't the parts to do such a mod come close to the cost of a new RNC anyway?
  4. MPlancke

    MPlancke Guest

    Originally posted by try2break:
    So that will be my next DIY project: balancing my RNC.
    What will it take?

    Two Jensen transformers would do it. Talk to Jensen to see which transformers would do the job. http://www.jensentransformers.com

    Mark Plancke
  5. Originally posted by MPlancke:
    Two Jensen transformers would do it.

    2? Isn´t 4 requiered for balanced stereo in+out?

  6. MPlancke

    MPlancke Guest

    Originally posted by mats.olsson@rockfile.se:
    2? Isn´t 4 requiered for balanced stereo in+out?


    Yep, my bad.

    Mark Plancke
  7. genebail

    genebail Guest

    Check out the November 2000 issue of Recording which describes how to make a cable using an inexpensive transformer for coverting unbalanced to balanced.

  8. Punchmo

    Punchmo Member

    How many transformers needed will be dictated by what signal you send to the RNC and what signal you need to have coming out. Depends on your output from the board. Can you send an unbalanced signal from an aux or insert or secondary main out? Are ya gonna use it as a sub bus compressor, main bus compressor or insert? Just some thoughts...
  9. martinme

    martinme Guest

    Lundahl makes some high quality converters with built-in transformers. See http://www.lundahl.se/catframe.html
    under category 'problem solvers'.

  10. KyleSong

    KyleSong Guest

    Depending on your application, you may only need to balance the inputs in order to get common mode rejection.

    The input transformer will allow common mode rejection and avoid unbalancing the output of sensitive balanced gear.

    An unbalanced output feeding the appropriate level into and expecting the correct impedance from a balanced input should sound fine. And the inoput transformer down the line will still do common mode rejection even if the signal isn't differentially balanced.

    In this way, perhaps you only need 2 transformers?

  11. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    ...or...you could just wait a month or 3 for the "RNMP" (Really Nice Mic Pre) which is going to act as a 'balance box' for the RNC as well as acting as a mic-pre...

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