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Basic newb questions, please give advice.

Discussion in 'Budget Gear' started by Strongpoint, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Strongpoint

    Strongpoint Member

    Hello all, I'm a drummer, in a technical/death metal band, looking for a way to record. I don't know much of anything about recording, but I would like to learn more about recording and for our band to get our own recording gear.

    Right now we are running with Vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. If I wanted to do all the recording at home, what kind of gear should I get? What do I need? I'm not trying to sound like an echoey hollow gym recorded with a web cam. I would like the sound to be full, and clear. Is there any way to afford all of this with < $800 ?
    Thanks for reading/responses in advance.
  2. rockstardave

    rockstardave Active Member

    minimally - get a 4 channel recording interface. Fast Track Ultra or maybe a Lexicon Ionix U42.

    get a few mics that fit your budget. stands and cables. good to get started, but you'll eventually need studio monitors and headphones.

    but the meat of it, you can get for under $800.

    good luck1
  3. Strongpoint

    Strongpoint Member

    Okay so lets say I get the Lexicon Ionix U42 as suggested, and some drum mics. If I get a 7 piece drum mic set, how do I get 7 microphones into that?
  4. Kev

    Kev Guest

    you don't

    not directly
    you would have to mix/join some of them together (toms + ?)

    the best you could do and stay stereo would be Kick Snare and stereo Overheads

    An 8 input interface would give you individuals here
    ( and still need to give up one for stereo O/H )

    $800 is so very low to try for a technical/death metal drum sound in one hit and with no experience

    you first hurdle could be the drum recording location
  5. Strongpoint

    Strongpoint Member

    Makes sense. Guess I have a bit more savings to do. Thank you guys for the replies. I appreciate it
  6. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Active Member

    What is your reasoning for 7 drum kit mics?

  7. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    Student (studying Computer Games Devlopement)
    Scotland, UK
    There will be 7 in the set he wants to buy...

    FWIW I can cover a drumkit on 2 cheap mics. It doesn't sound great and slamming and in your face, but it's most definitely a drumkit in the recording.

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