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Bass guitar opinion

Discussion in 'Bass' started by boydelmundo, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. boydelmundo

    boydelmundo Guest

    Hi me again.

    I'm currently mixing my bands album and got a query regards bass guitar.

    I have set up a Waves C1 compressor in split mode so I can tame a particular frequency rangeas it reaches the set threshhold and this works great for the job.

    My query is should I do the same for the bass end? There is a frequency range that booms a little when lower notes are played. I don't want to eq it out as it's a nice tone - just wondering if it's a good method to run another Waves C1 compressor and apply the same logic as above but this time to that low register range I want to tame a little.

    Many thanks,

  2. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    Hi Boydel...

    What is your DAW and what other FX/FX bundles do you have?

    From my experiences you will have to EQ bass and BD in most cases...With Rock music, e.g., you pull out quite a bit of bass to give the BD some room, too. But, of course, this depends on the recorded sound (which I don't know) and goal...
    Good EQs should be able to tweak the signal without killing the niceness oft your bass sound, but you can use both Comps and EQs to influence levels and sound...
    Trust your ears... No mix is like the other....
  3. boydelmundo

    boydelmundo Guest

    Thanks K.
    I am using Cubase 5 - I have an older version of Waves Platinum wich comes with all sorts of compression etc.
    Hmm I just use the channel eq's of Cubase which seem ok to me and don't hog resources but I'm open to suggesion for both compression and e.
    oh I do have T-racks too which I have used a lot in the past but not tried it on this project.

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