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Discussion in 'Bass' started by griff1096, Sep 20, 2001.

  1. griff1096

    griff1096 Guest

    A friend had some tracks laid in NASHVILLE. He came back here to lay the vocal and left it with me to mix. Well as I started to play back the tracks, I noticed that the bass( drums also) are just horrrrrrrible!!! I mean it's nasty. In my opinion the bass player should be spanked for allowing this sound to slide...

    Here's a few choice words for what I'm hearing..
    Sounds like the bass strings are the same ones that came on the bass that he/she bought....50 YEARS AGO...

    Any of you guys got any ideas to share with me on how to make it this bass "COME ALIVE"
    I should have told him that it was bad... but HE's so "UP" about it...

    And the toms, snare, HH, and all the symbals are as bad.... KICK Is workable...

  2. Mixerman

    Mixerman Active Member


    Lots of it. If that doesn't do it on its own, combine to taste the ultra compressed signal with the uncompressed signal, and see if that adds some life to it.

    If that still doesn't do it, re-amp the drums in a nice sounding space and add it in as a chamber to taste. Re-amp and re-record the bass, or run it through a sans-amp.

  3. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    Mixerman is right...compression will bring out some attack...but some boost a 4 K may help as well. 2 to 4 k...and roll off 130 about 3 dB

    Can you cut the bass track to about a 1 meg MP3 and email it to me?? (just a 1 min snippit)...I would like to hear just how shitty it is..

    Email is willo@ipa.net.

    I want to see what doctoring will bring it back to live.

    (I have my virtual string boiler right here....need to start warming it up..)
  4. Gil

    Gil Guest

    If it's digital, what about throwing it onto analog tape and back?? I did this recently on a shite bass track, gave me something I could work with.

    Gil Eva Craig
  5. Gil

    Gil Guest

    If it's digital, what about throwing it onto analog tape and back?? I did this recently on a shite bass track, gave me something I could work with.

    Gil Eva Craig
  6. pan

    pan Guest

    Reamp it driving the amp quiet hard, the distortion makes it gain higher freqencies, just be careful not to lose the bottom end - if there's any at all...

    my 2 cents, Niko
  7. griff1096

    griff1096 Guest

    Thanks ya'll..
  8. Mixerman

    Mixerman Active Member


    Please tell us what you end up doing. What was successful, and what was unsuccesful in saving the tracks?

    This information could prove more valuable and interesting than the solutions given to you.


  9. PlanB

    PlanB Guest

    If you don't already have one, see if you can rent or borrow a SPL Transient Designer. It was built especially for that. This should work to spank some attack and bite into the bass and drum tracks. This little jem has saved my butt on more than one occasion.
  10. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    Griffin was kind enough to send me a snippet of the bass line, and a snippet of the track.

    300HZ was gone. I men gone gone.

    It took +15 DB@300Hz just to get it close to level. Compression was not the problem. Performance technique (I am a bassist as well) was part of the culpret, poor capturing, non attention to the console (possibly the eq was set in the recording chain incorrectly...should have been flat on pre.) The bass may have been incorrectly set also. Bad sound for sure.

    The track Griffin sent was a great track. He mixes quite well. I sent him a corrected bass track sample, and a corrected 2-bus sample. He is close. Whoever tracked this needs some lessons.

    Griffin did a good job of salvaging this.

    I do not know what the trackers were thinging.

    Good work Grif..
  11. faganking

    faganking Member

    The Transient Designer is a good call. Also...a Roland 'Dimension D' would help. A great box for spreading the bass out a little. Hard to find, though. Has anyone here tried the Line 6 'MM4 Modulation Modeler'? Supposed to recreate :D imension D,Boss CE-1,Uni-Vibe, Tri-Stereo-Chorus,Phase 90,Mutron BiPhase,etc. I would love to know if it, in fact, can replace Dimension D.


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