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Bassdrum recording

Discussion in 'Bass' started by AllInRuins, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. AllInRuins

    AllInRuins Guest

    Can anyone explain to me what each of the following will do to the sound?

    Tighter Batter, Tighter Reso
    Tighter Batter, Looser Reso
    Looser Batter, Tighter Reso
    Looser Batter, Looser Reso

    Empty Bassdrum
    Bassdrum with towls inside of it

    Speaking soundwise of course when recorded.
  2. rockstardave

    rockstardave Active Member

    in general, tighter equpiment will yield a tighter sound. loose drum heads will give a "sloppy" and loose sound.

    empty bassdrums will resonate more and give more of a timpani-esque sound. it sort of rings out. adding some sort of absorbing material (towels, foam, pillows, etc) will cut down on some of those overtone rings.

    when doing live sound, i like some padding in a bassdrum to make EQ and compression easier. but each bassdrum is different and each bassdrum mic is different and each audio engineer is different.

    tell your drummer to find a good sound that he likes and maybe get a few second opinions to make sure it's a "generally good" sound.

    my 2cents, i'm sure others will post too..


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