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Beginner at pretty much everything

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Miguel_484, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Miguel_484

    Miguel_484 Guest

    I have nooo idead what I need or what I have to buy. I have used a CO1U Usb mic...but didn't really like cause I couldn't hear myself in the headphones. I'm looking to record using a mixer or something non digital or half digital. I have NO equipment,mics, or anything. Just headphones. I would like to now the basics of what I will need and what would be good. I'm doing mostly hip-hop things. Links would be great...Thank you very much for any links or help.
  2. Miguel_484

    Miguel_484 Guest

    and to let everyone know....i've got a low budget....probably most 5 grand...just need a couple mics maybe...a mixer...a keyboard...and whatever else i need...not sure
  3. jasondirckze

    jasondirckze Guest

    5k is a good start!

    I'd get a nice vocal mic (Neumann TLM103), an audio interface (maybe a Mbox or 002 rack) and a controller keyboard (X-Station perhaps). Then buy a couple decent soft synths or a hardware synth (Tritons are popular amongst the hip-hop crowd). With all the necessary leads etc, that'll be just about hitting the 5k mark...

    Check out the tweakheadz guide for some info for beginners

    Of course, having a decently spec'd computer is a must. I'd start with that first up...

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