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Behringer bcr2000

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Nutti, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Nutti

    Nutti Active Member

    Hi all,

    I have been looking into getting this behringer bcr2000 controller to control cubase with. I was thinking that it would give a somewhat analouge feel on in the mixing process and that it could maybe fasten up the plugin settings. I've checked youtube on some demo videos but don't know if it would work like I would want it to.

    There are probably some of you that own this piece of equipment or have experienced it so I'm just gonna pop a few questions here (I plan to use this with Cubase):

    Is it possible to assign every button/knob to whatever you like?
    Is it possible to assign a button to a certain plugin that would activate it directly to a channel without using the mouse to add a new effect?

    At this point I'm using the keybord for commands but I'm finding it annoying to grab the mouse each time I want to put an effect to a channel and then using the mouse to set the parameters for let's say a reverb. I want to twist those knobs, not moving my mouse around! :)
  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    Well, you are certainly expressing why so many of us still love to use analog or analog style consoles. We like that hands-on feeling. We like being in control. We like to diddle our twiddle... and also the knobs and dials. And you want your control surface to control those parameters within your software? Of course. That's why God created ProTools. Because if you want to be an Icon of a recording engineer, you need an Icon of a console control surface.

    Now whether your control surface can be integrated with your software? That's a good question? I suggest you contact your manufacturers. Drop them an e-mail and see what they might have to offer? You may find that ya get some features but not all that you want the way you want it? That's why they created these tightly integrated systems between console control surfaces and software. Some of this might require you to upgrade your software? Or you might find your control surface was never designed for your software? While we have a smorgasbord of selection, this all really requires knowledge of system integration.

    Back in the days before the Internet, I actually get on the phone, calling long distance, to the manufacturers of the equipment that I was using. Between customer service and their engineers, for the cost of a few phone calls, I've received an incredible education throughout the years. So much so, I too became a world authority on analog tape recorders and recording. Funny how things go. Especially when you're really hands-on. And you're heading up that road right now. It's a long and arduous adventure. It'll make ya better than the rest in the end, if you live that long? LOL oh well.

    Well also LOL
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  3. gaffa

    gaffa Active Member

    If you are going to go the phone call route (if it is actually available) get a Google Voice account for free US long distance.

    I have a BCF2000, and the support in Vegas Pro 12 is pretty decent. Sorry, but I have no idea about Cubase. The 649 page Cubase manual is available on-line. The section starting on page 313 looks the the relevant section.
  4. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    All those phone calls I made were back in the 1970s, early 1970s and throughout the 1970s. Half the time it was on the studios phone bill as part of my job. The other half of the time was on my bill as I was constructing my own studio. And today, unlike then, I have unlimited local and long-distance calling. That and a Magic Jack which actually works unbelievably well for its price. So anybody with decent high-speed Internet access can actually have a real phone number with all the features you'd ever want for around $1.70 per month. Great for a dedicated studio line/phone. You even get your voicemails via e-mail which makes it even better. 6+ years and still going. Their newest unit doesn't even require a computer. One of the best bangs for the buck or at least a buck 70.

    And I requested a 202 Washington DC area code, even though I am located in the Northern Virginia suburbs. You can request any area code you want. So you could live in Arkansas but if you wanted to attract clientele from Los Angeles, you could request a 213 area code. Of course your next-door neighbor would then have to call California to get you. You could also get a second unit for your local area code, etc..

    During my order, their folks did not know that Washington DC was not Washington state LOL. This person who was taking my order think that they had their own band called Manila Vanilly? I really couldn't tell because I think he was lip syncing?

    I prefer pistachio.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  5. Nutti

    Nutti Active Member

    thanks for the replys, according to the manual it should work, but I would have wanted some people with experience of this product to say what they think...maybe there's another product with even better value for what I plan to do with it?
  6. gaffa

    gaffa Active Member

    Yeah, I know how it is. No manual is as good as experience. But what I do in these cases is search the term on YouTube. Search "cubase" and "BCR2000" gave me this video of a guy controlling a whole bunch of parameters with one.

    As far as "value", it really is hard to beat them on price. Some folks have problems with them on quality, but I'm perfectly happy with my BCF-2000.
  7. Nutti

    Nutti Active Member

    that was a great link, thanks!

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