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behringer microphones

Discussion in 'Microphones' started by eddiesound, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. eddiesound

    eddiesound Guest

    In all the posts I've read I don't think I've heard any comments about behringer microphones good or bad. I was looking at the B-2 pro. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. moles

    moles Active Member

    What are you kidding me?

    I actually bought a B2pro just a couple of days before finding this site. So far I like it better than a C3000, slightly less than a C414 or a U87. Its a decent 300$ mic, I guess (at least mine is), but to be honest it's the first condenser I've actually owned, so whatever. Various people here don't seem to think that their QC is so hot.

    I would check out a Studio Projects mic first, read Kurt's review of them if you like. When I round up some cash to pick up another few mics I'll be looking in that direction rather than B--
  3. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    I tried a B-1 before. It had no mids and sounded terrible.
  4. missilanious

    missilanious Guest

    wow compairing a 414, or U87 to a B2 is nuts, not even in the same weightclass, the B1 and B2's suck, by the way what were you listening to the difference on, and do you own a U87 or 414??? (ULS, TLII, EB)
  5. Dr.Blackwell

    Dr.Blackwell Guest

    HAY, Missilanious, Do you own a B2 or B1??? Do you own a U87 or 414? Some say they like the B2 verry much..
  6. missilanious

    missilanious Guest

    no I don't own either, but I deal with tracks that were recorded with them and they suck, i like most of the MXL mics more, I've demoed about every lowbudget mic out to be aware of whats what, berringer is down there with samsung. I own a pair of 414TLIIB's, used a tube U67, U87's, U87Ai's, 414 EB's, and 414ULSB's. Yeah the cheapest mic I listed is $600, double the price of the B2, well I also own a AT4040 which cost me $250, and that blows the B2 out the water at $50 less. AT4033 at $400, $100 more and i like it more than the 4040. I've used and heard plenty of mics, own a good amount of mics too, that is my opinion with the B2, I'm happy alot of people like how those mics sound, but I don't, and most of the people who have'nt heard better mics, or haven't really had experience working with great mics wouldn't notice the difference till they hear it first hand in a session. Moles said this is the first mic he's owned I gave him my honest opinion. As for me owning a B2 or B1 or B2pro, would would I i think they sound like crap.
  7. moles

    moles Active Member

    wOA THERE!

    I did say the U87 and C414 sounded better, didn't I? I don't think its nuts to compare all the condenser mics I've worked with, and I have worked with all the mics in question, just not all at my place, on my gear I have right now, etc. That's why I mentioned the B2 being the first condenser I've purchased for myself - I've never had a chance to compare it in the same working environment as the others. And to be honest, if anything is lacking in the tracks recorded with it, I can't really be sure if its also due to lack of certain pieces of outboard gear, can I? (Anyone know where to get a blackface LA-4?)

    Oh yeah, by the way when I said I liked it SLIGHTLY less than U87 et al I was being SLIGHTLY sarcastic.

    I don't think the B2Pro I own is a great mic. I think it is an acceptable performing mic for the price I paid, to use as I am at this point. It is doing gobs better than the 20$ Radio Shack omnis I had hanging over the drum kit before, I you can bet next time I need a mic, I'll have more time to shop around, get some opinions of my own as well as from RO members, and grab myself a much better mic than I have. And then I'll be even MORE pleased with how it is performing.

    Missilanious - the what kinds of apps have the 4040 and 4033 worked best for for you? I really like the AT drum mics I have right now - although the next outlay of cash might go to an Audix DP kit....if I can find them around here.
  8. eddiesound

    eddiesound Guest

    Thanks for everybody's input on the behringer. I believe you have convinced me to consider another mic. I am going to check out the studio projects. Which model would be best for a midrange voice. I have been told that my tone is similar to John Lennon if that helps.For now I will be the only voice using it. Great forum. I love it!
  9. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    The C1 has been recommended by many and its just $199- I myself have had good luck with the Rode Nt1 and its also $199
  10. missilanious

    missilanious Guest

    well I like both mics, like the 4033 more, they both have a similar sound but the 4040 has a presence boost. The 4033 is a average all purpose mic, not hyped but not flat either. It works good on vocals, backround vocals, aucostic guitars, guitars cabs, front of drum kit mic and as a room mic in general. comparing mics deffinately isn't nuts, I just kind of ment in a saying, and sorry I didn't pick up the sarcasm,its hard to pick on a message board.
  11. peterpan

    peterpan Active Member

    Hello Eddiesound, I think this thread running over these last weeks could be a great help to you:
    "What mike would be the best ..... "

    This said: I love my SP T3... even though it needs a very slight boost at 10-12 Kcs... but perhaps for your voice it will be perfect with no EQ at all.
    Best of luck.

  12. moles

    moles Active Member

    LOL no worries....I'm just all pissy lately cause I wanna go mic shopping, but my #$^@# tax return money won't come...
  13. eddiesound

    eddiesound Guest

    I decided on the studio projects T3 for the money I thought it was a good first mic for a newcomer. Thanks again everyone.
  14. TheReal7

    TheReal7 Guest

    I'll second the NT1. I am by no means a pro, not even close...but for the price I love the NT1.
  15. tripnek

    tripnek Active Member

    I had a b2 and it was terrible. It was my first condenser. Very noisy, poorly built mic. Even the AKG C1000s is a better mic and it gets trashed here on the forum often.

    I would recomend the Audio Technica mics. They are at home in many Pro studios right along side the Neumanns and Lawsons ect... I own two AT4033s and they have been invaluable. I also have AKG C1000s, Shure SM81, C3000, C3000b, Neumann TLM103 and the AT4033 wins out on the majority of applications.

    The AT4033 with case and shockmount can be had for $200-250 used on eBay.
  16. Pootkao

    Pootkao Guest

    Hey if any of you NT1 lovers out there wanna buy another one, email me. I'm not a fan of them. mike@mikepetkau.com

    Oh, and avoid Behringer like the plague. The C1 is the only one of these really cheap condensors that is at all comparable with the big boys.
  17. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    The 4033s are wonderful mics ... better than a Rode NT-1 IMO, almost the closest thing to an "all purpose" mic there is. I have used them on overheads for drums, vocals, guitar cabs, bass cabs, stand up bass, Leslie cabs, grand piano, acoustic guitars and string quartet recording, all with stellar results.

    Also recommended for those on a budget, is the Studio Projects B1 and or the Studio Projects C3. The Studio Projects mics are the only Chinese knockoffs that I personally like to recomend. Good build quality and each mic is QC'd stateside before shipping.

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