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behringer truth b3031a? audio interface?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by MiStErJaC, May 1, 2010.

  1. MiStErJaC

    MiStErJaC Active Member

    i've been producing electronic music as a hobby for some time now, but i never had monitors so now i'm thinking about buying a pair. since i do not have much to spend i think the behringer truth 3031a would be a good decision (about 360€). i know that they are not the best, and i know many people don't like behringer products, but from what i've read on the internet until know, the truth 3031a seem to be a good deal for the money... i've not had the chance to hear them until now, so does anyone from you know them and can tell me something about them? do you like them or are they really not good?

    my second question: if i get new moniors, which is the best way to connect them to my macbook pro? i thought i could buy an adapter and connect them directly to the audio out of my laptop, but some people now told me i should better invest more money and buy an audio interface... is that really necessary? i do only produce internally with logic, i don't record something... what would be the advantages with an interface? would the sound be better?
    if it's really necessary, which one should i buy? i'd like to have a firewire interface, but there are not as much out there, so usb would be okay too! i thought about something at the price of the m-audio fast track pro for example!

    thank you very much!
  2. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    if your not recording anything externally, then no real need for an interface.
    if you get a stereo 1/8" pin jack to two 1/4" cables, you can monitor from your soundcard to your speakers.
    i have my internet computer connected that way to my board and it sounds o.k when i listen to u-tube and stuff.
  3. MiStErJaC

    MiStErJaC Active Member

    ok, but how will it work, if i want to use the monitors for producing and mixing? that's what i want to do!
  4. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    well im assuming your using some kind of app. like garage band or some other mac related app. to record through USB or maybe using virtual ints.
    would need more info on that, but whatever your working on in your computer, your soundcard would relay the audio to your speakers via the connection from the audio output jack on the back your computer to the speakers.

    what app. are you using and how are you recordind the electronic music?
  5. MiStErJaC

    MiStErJaC Active Member

    i use logic studio 9! :)

    i meant if it will sound as good as with an external interface...

    sry for the misunderstanding, i think my english is not that good... :)

    i don't record anything, more sequencing... but i use a midi keyboard!

  6. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    it won't sound as good as a good interface but it will probably sound as good as a cheap interface.
    it's the imputs on a stock card that sound terrible, not so much the output.
    i would try it first and if it's not good enough in your opinion, then you can by an interface.
    something simple (2 ch.)but good quality. usb or firewire. you never know, you might need to record an external analog source in the future.
  7. MiStErJaC

    MiStErJaC Active Member

    ok thanks! what about the m-audio fast track pro? it's about 140€.

    what adapter should i buy for the monitors if i don't buy an interface now? 3,5mm jack to xlr or 6,35mm jack?
  8. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    i don't know m-audio or macs for that matter.

    i would get 3.5 to 1/4" for the monitors.
  9. MiStErJaC

    MiStErJaC Active Member

    ok thanks!! :)

    any opinions to the behringer truth b3031a someone?
  10. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Beh**ger of any flavor is useless. There is no Truth there. Save your money to buy proper monitors. The cheapest monitors I can in good conscious recommend are the NHT M00.
  11. MiStErJaC

    MiStErJaC Active Member

    have you actually heard these monitors? i'm asking because i read very much about them on the internet, and there seem to be two groups of people. the ones who have these monitors and nearly everybody of them says they are really good for the money. the other group thinks all behringer products are S**T and therefore also says the monitors are...
  12. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    I guess the real question is good compared to what? Computer speakers? Once again, the cheapest monitors I can in good conscious recommend are the NHT M00. And yes I've heard them. Have you? Have you compared them to real monitors? No, you can not expect them to be Genelec or JBL for that money, but you have to remember what the goal is and not just spend money because it is in your pocket.
  13. MiStErJaC

    MiStErJaC Active Member

    hi again!
    i think i won't buy the behringers now, mostly because i can't listen to them anywhere... i can't find the NHT m00 somewehere in stores. i now think about the samson rubicon r6a, what about these?
  14. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    have you tried e-bay for a pair of yamaha MSP 5's
    they would cost you less than the rubicons used and they sound great. i had a pair for years.

    even new, tey're not much more.
  15. MiStErJaC

    MiStErJaC Active Member

    i'm from austria, theres no shipping to austria...

    but i'll get some infornmation on these!
  16. MisterJac,

    Quite a few people's opinion's on Behringer monitors are based on lingering bad internet press,and/or their past experience with previous Truth series monitors.
    I have to admit myself,that I did not have a very high opinion of Behringer....but there was a point where I really needed to save some money & I had read nothing but good reviews on the Behringer Truth 3030 series,so I decided to give them a try.

    I don't have the 3031's though-but rather,I have the 3030's and as someone who also owns Adam A7's & M-Audio CX5's..I am here to tell you that the Behringer Truth 3030's are the most amazing monitors I've ever heard for $300(USD)!
    They have clean amps in them,with tight & punchy bass..along with detailed highs and a very large stereo field.They are also built very well-as they are very solid and there's plenty of volume & bass,so you probably won't need the bigger 3031's.

    If however,you're still uncomfortable with the idea of purchasing Behringer,then if you're willing to spend more,I strongly recommend either the M-Audio CX5's,or the new Adam A3X's.

    Hope this helps you out.

  17. MiStErJaC

    MiStErJaC Active Member

    thank you for this post! :)

    now i'm not sure again if i should buy them or not... compared to samson r6a, how do you think are they?
  18. MisterJac,

    Look...I can tell from JackAttack's attitude that he never listened to the 3030 series,so don't pay him any mind.
    I OWN the Behringer Truth 3030's and I've done a lot of critical mixing on them in the past 6 months and they are very balanced speakers that perform amazingly well & I've always achieved great results with them.
    To be perfectly honest with you,anything made before the 3030 series did not impress me and even the new Truth B1030A's aren't nearly as good as the B3030A's....so that being said,the Truth 3030 series is a particular line of monitors that Behringer got right.

    I write,compose,produce & record all of my own music and I have 3 different workstations to make music with and I've written hundreds of songs in the last 5 years,both vocal & instrumental and I've owned several different pairs of monitors in that time.
    I've owned Samson Resolv 40a's,50a's & 65a's,KRK Rokit 8's,Wharfedale Pro 8.1's,M-Audio BX5a's
    and none of them measured up to the Truth 3030's.
    Like I had mentioned in my earlier post,I currently own the Adam A7's & the M-Audio CX5's and the Truth 3030's are comparable to them.

    If your on a tight budget & these will be your first pair of studio monitors,then I highly recommend the 3030's as I think they'll be ideal for you.
    Since they're good enough for me with my experience,then logic dictates that you will be very happy with them.

  19. MiStErJaC

    MiStErJaC Active Member

    cool, good to hear! i only was sceptic, because everyone seems to have this prejudice about behringer, that they only produce crap... but it also seems, that everyone who actually owns these monitors is really happy with them! so i think i'm going to think about my decision again, maybe i'm going to buy these! unfortunately no store in my environment has them, so that i could listen to them, but i would really be interested. so i think from my point now, i'm going to buy the behringer 3030a or the samson rubicon r6a (i haven't heard them either, but they also seem to be very good for the money).

    one more question: you really think, they are better than the rokit rp8? i've heard them, and they sound really good, i think...
  20. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    the main reason that B--- has a bad name amongst others is that their stuff breaks down alot and often. the build quality is terrible, everybody knows that.
    you may end up shipping back and forth for repairs.
    it's up to you but realize the facts.

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