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Behringer Tube Pre

Discussion in 'Recording' started by 960054, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. 960054

    960054 Guest

    Has anyone tried the new behringer tube pre, i'm looking at getting a really cheap tube pre and this one is ridiculously cheap. Is there a reason for the cheap price of $79 CDN, yet does it still get the job done sounding good?? Ponder that.

  2. vinniesrs

    vinniesrs Active Member

    If there has ever been anyone open to cheap gear it's me. Mr. Budget record guy. I do much better now, but in the past I have had to resort to many things that still haunt my dreams. One of these things was the purchase of the behringer autocomp pro. This has to be one of the worst things i've ever seen. I also have a virtualizer pro, which is okay, i use it, good programs and clean, but nothing fantastic. As far as I can see, there are two items available from behringer I would buy. They have a 4 ch gate unit which works real good, and I like the D.I's. I have trouble believing that this $79 tube pre is worth purchasing. I would suggest that whatever pre you have, in whatever board you have, would be just as good as the behringer pre.

    I hear that the rnp is a good value. A little more money, but let me ask you this:

    Would you do a gig with a $79 guitar amp? I would save up to buy the marshall, fender, or vox, etc., and in the meantime I would rent or borrow. A $79 guitar amp sounds like crap, in most situations.

    The only uses I have found for my behringer comp, is when I intentionally want to make a sound edgier, like a snare drum, or a funky bass.
    It sucks for everything else, and the controls on it are inacurate.

    Have I got my money's worth? Yes.
    Would I buy another one? No.
    Should you LOOK, (listen)at the behringer? Yes.

    Get an Idea what it does to a sound, and a/b it with something real good. Decide with your ears. Believe your ears. Be suspicious of every product, and don't believe Hype. Listen to the advice of someone who isn't selling you something. You probably don't want to spend $3000 right now, but comparing extremes will give you a good idea of what will suit you in a pre, and let you know if a bad choice will lead you into trouble.

  3. golli

    golli Active Member

    Havent tryed that one myself, just email Kurt Foster about it, he will give you a short, and to the point answer about it :D
  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Are you trying to get me into trouble golli? :D I just extracated my foot from my mouth. I am not about to sick it back in (at least not for today). :D

    Nope never used it! Never heard it! I don't know sh*t about it.. It could be the best thing since sliced white bread! (really!) :D
  5. vinniesrs

    vinniesrs Active Member

    Hey, extreme! I don't want to discourage you, as I know that a studio is a big investment, but I have done quite a few good sounding recordings using plain old pre's from the board.

    It doesn't matter how you get a sound recorded, it just matters that you do it cleanly, and it sounds good.

    When you start out it's important to buy devices of quality. In my opinion. I could be wrong about it, but you really should hear for yourself.

    Hey, Guys! I heard that ford waz coming out with a $10,000 sports car that looks and feels like an italian sports masterpeice! It's called the Pintoratti! :D Apparently does 0-60 in less than 3 sec and a 10 sec 1/4 mile! All this at 40mpg! (in the spirit of ford motorcar gear analagies, and good fun!)

    If it looks too good to be true, It probably is!
  6. Bobby Loux

    Bobby Loux Active Member

    "white Bread' what kind of racial slur is that!......whats wrong with wheat or rye, or even French bread?...on second thought forget the French bread!...did I get ya? :D
  7. Eddie

    Eddie Guest

    I've had an Ultragain for a little over a year.It's done a fine job for most everything I've used it on.The older it gets the more I think of it as a bic lighter, use it until it stops working and then throw it away. Now mine gets a bit dirty after it's been on for more than 5 or 6 hours but before that, it's fine.Would I buy another, I don't know.
  8. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    Since Kurt won't do it, I will. It is not a tube mic pre.

    It is the same mic pre chip that is in all of their other crap, which is the same mic pre chip that is in all of Mackie's crap. It is not just the chip that dictates what the noise and the RF rejection will be. It's what you do with that chip. Now, the tube is not getting any real voltage to speak of. It is added in the circuit for distortion. This is a hybrid circuit.

    As long as you understand that you are paying $79 bucks for a box that the sum total of it's parts is worth about $30 max, and you are not expecting world-class tube sound (or even a good noticable improvement over what you have now) then go for it.

    I used all of that new tube crap at a festival last year. My console was a Midas XL4, and the PA was a V-DOSC line array. I gave it a try.
  9. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Bobby Loux,
    Ya like that? It's my new sig line.. See I have an opinion about the Behringer, but I don't want to voice it because I have never gone out and wasted $79 on one so I really can't say how it sounds. Hell it just might be the best sounding mic pre on the planet for all I know. Maybe Rupert Neve, EveAnna Manley, Sebatron, Dan Kennedy and Doug Fearn should just curl up and die, because hell, this Behringer pre might be the best thing to come along since the wheel. WHOOPIE!!! There is a free lunch! (please detect sarcasm) Kurt
  10. Rod Gervais

    Rod Gervais Active Member

    The wheel is a good thing?

  11. vinniesrs

    vinniesrs Active Member

    Automotive update!!!
    The pintoratti has beed dropped. Don't fear! Chevrolet has come out with the malibugati. :D At just under$20,000 it's a Free Lunch!
  12. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Best advice I had all week! Kurt
  13. jslator

    jslator Guest

    So far you haven't seemed to need to hear something before forming strong opinions about how it sounds. Why start now?
  14. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Oh, I have an opinion but I am keeping it to myself in spite of the fact that Extreme PMed me this morning and asked for it knowing I hadn't used or heard the behringer tube pre before. I thank Brent for being helpful on this one. I think Brent would be an excellent moderator. Some people are interested in what other people think based on their life experience, despite the fact that they may not have any personal hands on with it. IMO it is impossible for anyone to have used every piece of gear. However I do believe that experience can help them in making a conclusion based on the facts at hand. Do I have to eat sh*t to know it won't taste good? No I don't think I do.. Kurt
  15. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    Even if people don't give a crap about what I did, most stores have some type of return policy. Also, if you were to place it on your credit card, you might have added protection.

    For the cost of a SM58 try it yourself. Then take it back if it sucks.
  16. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    I have yet to hear a Berringer product that sounds good to my ear. In fact, I think that they make the most useless gear out there. I've owned a couple of the compressors, and they were AWFUL sounding. AWFUL!!!

    I think you can get a Presonus MP20 for $350 on eBay, which is a 2 channel mic pre...and those things sound beautiful.

    My advice, don't waste your money on Berringer, save up for something good.
  17. golli

    golli Active Member

    Want to continue the soap opera?? :confused:
  18. golli

    golli Active Member

    And which Behringer compressors did you own??
  19. golli

    golli Active Member

    And which Behringer compressors did you own??
  20. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    I think Behringer stuff sounds absolutely Marvelous!Their compressors are at least as good as my Alesis 3630 which ,as we all know, is the best compressor on EARTH ....bar none.I'm hoping that sometime soon, the Guitar Center Professional Audio Department has a BIG sale so I can buy me a couple of these units.They make my Atari system just really sound great.Did I tell you that I've learned to incorporate the sound of the Pong game into all my new songs.I think this gives me quite an edge on everybody else.

    Did my ass fall off during that?? :s: :s: :s:

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