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Best budget drum mic setup?

Discussion in 'Drums' started by Divo, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. Divo

    Divo Member

    I have about $2000.00 U.S. to spend on mics just for Drums and would like to know what I should be looking at. It's very hard to make purchasing descisions where I live because none of the shops carry enough stuff to choose between ( actually listen to ). In Australia, everybody keeps trying to ram Rode mics down your throat but I want better value and sound. I would like to know what you guys use and why?

    Floor tom.
    Other percussion.
  2. ironsheik

    ironsheik Guest

    Drum sounds really depend on the room. For a straigt-ahead answer I would say get an SM57 for the snare, 2-3 Sennheisser 421s for toms, an EV RE20, another 421 OR AKG D112 for bass drum and AKG 451s for overheads. I also actually really lick my AT4041s for overheads. If you want some real balls out of your drums, get a Coles 4038 for an overhead. I use that, a 57 for the snare and a 421 for the kick and I get everything I need. Mono though. Good luck,


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