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Best Computer

Discussion in 'Recording' started by lipmanajl, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. lipmanajl

    lipmanajl Guest


    I am attempting to set up a computer-based home studio and have been advised to consult you as to the best computer system/components to use as the core of the studio. Several folks have said that many components which often come on a basic PC can detract from optimum set up for audio recording, and that certain other parameters are necessary. I'd like to buy a computer with the necessary requirements to be able to do high-quality, professional work.

    I would appreciate if you would provide your opinion on what would constitute a basic set up, and your opinions on:


    -Necessary cards and best brand/model/type

    -Necessary/optimal RAM

    -Best processor and speed

    -Necessary optimal hard drive

    -Other aspects (e.g. certain brands have x, y, and z which seem to enhance a, b, and c in audio production) of which I am not yet aware!

    Thank you,

    Alan Lipman

    -Best software program

    -Other necessary components.

    Thank you!
  2. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Those people telling you this are absolutely correct. Brand name computers are not optimal for audio applicational use as they set them up for generic home/internet/email configurations.

    If you do buy one you have to do some swapping of parts and configurations.

    Best components..depends on the horsepower needed.

    Asus is the most recommended mainboard.

    Crucial, Kingston, Corsair and Samsung are the most "popular" memory brands.

    Matrox is the most commonly used vide card.

    CDR/W's...whatever floats your boat. :D

    Power Supply..Antec or Enermax

    Hard drives..Western Digital JB model drives.

    Software...depends on your needs. Everyone will tell you the software they use is better than the one someone else uses.

    Necessary cards? Audio.

    512 minimum of memory.

    XP Operation System.

  3. lipmanajl

    lipmanajl Guest

    Thanks, Opus.

    So if you were going to go out and buy a computer that had most of these characteristics that you list, which (or perhaps top 3) would you buy? Are there brands that have many of these that you listed already onboard? I would like to go out and purchase a computer that has as many of these already present. Is it the case, as your list seems to suggest, that one has to assemble each of these components, or are there computers that you would recommend that do the job well, and if so which? Thanks.
  4. Fozz

    Fozz Active Member


    I think most everyone here will say that you need to have the PC custom built, either by yourself or someone else.

    There are places that will build/sell pcs custom designed for audio. If you are interested in that route we can start another topic.

    For this topic we will talk about you picking the parts and assembling it yourself or having someone else do it.

    To get an idea of exactly what the parts are, do a search on "anus" which stands for ASUS Northwood User Society, an acronym created by Gary (Opus2000) about a year ago. The search will result in a bunch of items with people listing their current or proposed configurations.

    As far as prices go, start with http:// Others can chime in with the places they like. At Mwave, for example, you can also have them assemple the PC for $80, I think, if you aren't comfortable with figuring out where all the cables get plugged in on the motherboard.

    If you went that route with them, or anyone else, that doesn't know about audio on a PC, you would then have to reinstall the OS and do some tuning. To get an idea of what is involved start with http://www.opusaudioprojects.net/WinXp.htm
  5. lipmanajl

    lipmanajl Guest


    Thanks--great idea. I am starting the topic now, entitled:

    Picking the parts and assembling it myself (or having someone else do it)


    Alan Lipman (dralanlipman@aol.com)
  6. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    NO!! NO more topics other than this please! Keep it in one thread so people who may search for information like this can follow it right to the finish! SHAME ON YOU FOZZ!!! :D
  7. Fozz

    Fozz Active Member

    I didn't proof read my reply well enough. I definitely agree with using this topic to carry on the discussion of the parts that Alan will get and put together himself, or have someone else put together for him.

    I was just thinking (or not thinking) that if he also wanted to talk about those places that sell PCs specifically built for audio, that he could start another topic rather than intermix that prebuilt discussion with this roll your own discussion.

    Sorry for the confusion.
  8. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    nah, keep the places to but he parts/components in here as well!

    Paging Dr. Alan, Paging Dr. Alan.... ask more quesitons please!

    Opus :D
  9. lipmanajl

    lipmanajl Guest

    Ok, thanks Opus.

    Hmmm...here's a hard one I think:

    If you were going to build a system for me, aiming at highest quality audio capabilities and flexibility, and lets say, 2000.00 max, what would it be? That is, what specific components/models would you use to build and complete the system? Ground up to complete system.


    Alan Lipman (dralanlipman@aol.com)
  10. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Asus P4PE, P4 3.06Ghz CPU
    512 PC 2700 DDR 333
    430 Watt PSU
    Ahanix Nobless Case
    Black Floppy Drive
    Matrox G450 32MB AGP Dual Monitor
    WD JB 40GB OS Drive
    WD JB 80GB Data Drive
    Windows XP Pro W/SP1
    52X/24X/52X Black CDRW

    I can do this for $1,800.00!!

    How's that for a system?!!!

    Let me know!

    Opus :D
  11. llornkcor

    llornkcor Active Member

    you forgot the black case wit little flames and with the windows on the side with the black light showing inside!! and the chromed vent pipes!
  12. Blutone

    Blutone Guest

    Although these options are to die for, alas, I believe they would push the total over the $2,000 mark. BTW, with a little investigating, you can prolly find those chromed vent pipes bundled with some fuzzy dice. :D
  13. Desongs

    Desongs Guest

    Hello everyone, I have lurked here for too long, I am a newbie at this whole shebang, basically most times, I don't fully trust anything except my acoustic guitar, but I will be taking the plunge very soon into the PC recording world, Gary, I read the ingredients to your new ANUS (Smirk) But I do wonder, if it would be too much to ask about recording software, and sound cards that may be added to that system, lets just say whatever you consider the best of the best products out there perhaps a 48 track system, with 8 inputs as an example (I guess not including the 15 to 20 k$ "PRO" Pro Tools)
    Perhaps you will say this is a matter of a users personal choice, but from what I've read you do know your stuff and it would behoove (probably not even a word) me not to ask.

    Thanks Steve
  14. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Hey Stevie, welcome to RO :D
  15. Desongs

    Desongs Guest

    Thanks for the welcome Gary, now the homework will begin, I'm looking forward to report back shortly on how its all going. Still not sure if I will "build for myself" or buy a "built for me" system, I will get back after figuring out what sound cards/software I choose.
    Thank you (for such a detailed road map indeed)
  16. StevenGurg

    StevenGurg Guest

    Opus, you said,
    Is there a specific reason you left the EchoAudio Gina 24 out of this list?
  17. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    I left the Gina out due to limited I/O capabilities. Also more so just to give an brief overview, and not listing every product out there!

    Opus :D
  18. BrockStapper

    BrockStapper Guest

    as far as software, also check out http://

    Howdy Opus!

  19. robb007

    robb007 Member

    As far as motherboards go .I would suggest Tyan .The tiger is rock and I mean Rock solid!!It is a server board built in southern california not the orient!You can find a article on builting the ultimate music pc in EQ magazine {issue eight}using a tyan s2460 motherboard and 2 AMD-mp 2000-processors although I used 2 Intel p4 chips.This board has been tested succesfully withsound cards from RME-FRONTIER DESIGN MOTU- AND M-AUDIO.This board offers6 32bit 5.5 volt pci slots.My opinion is Asus is alright but really not on par with the performance and sure AAA quality chips used at the Tyan factory.My advice like its counter parts Mac go American go Tyan.
  20. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Oh boy! :roll:
    Tyan is not as reliable as Asus or Abit. In fact you have to go out of your way to get the proper memory and power supply, you don't have as many configurable options in the BIOS as the other boards as well!

    Look on any other major hardware forums and count the number of Asus, Abit or Gigabyte users and then count the number of Tyan users(you'll see a HUGE ratio difference!)


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