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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by studiosound, May 17, 2011.

  1. studiosound

    studiosound Guest

    What are people using for mastering compression? Thanks.
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Hardware or Software?

    Hardware... I have the CharterOak SCL-1 that I'm just getting to know. I'm still too unfamiliar with it to give a solid mark. Having this plus something with big personality would satisfy my needs. Manley, API maybe next but a ways down the road.

    For software, Sequoia 11 comps rock, but after I posted a reply I see this is posted in the Home Studio Mastering Forum so you must be talking plug-ins and I'm in the wrong forum.
  3. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    Cranesong either one is cool with me
  4. mdb

    mdb Active Member

    Plug-ins are most economical for you. I don't really master anything, but I try my best. I just bought the UAD-2 Fairchild 670 plug-in and the original Fairchild 670 compressor hardware is worth $30,000. For $99.99 (on sale) I thought it was a really good deal. And if I have 25 recorded tracks I can have 25 Fairchild 670 compressors in my DAW. That many hardware versions would cost me +$1 MILLION BUCKS !! Good value for $100.
  5. tayzin

    tayzin Active Member

    I go for Waves
    CLA Classic Compressors

    Great comps about $500
  6. Ripeart

    Ripeart Active Member

    I don't master but I'll sometimes throw my mixdowns into T-racks. I think I get fairly musical and dynamic results.

    It's not so much about the tool as it is the one using it though, to a certain degree.
  7. Ripeart

    Ripeart Active Member

    Lol. I love it.
  8. Use the UAD II mastering suite: Precision EQ, Limiter, Multi-band and Maximizer. They work very well. I have not had the opportunity to use outboard gear other than preamps and compressors. I suspect that hardware including summing amps, etc, would all contribute to the sonic clarity.
  9. Audio Alex

    Audio Alex Active Member

    The Wave emulation seems to add some harmonics and is not transparent enough IMO to be a good choice as a good compressor choice for mastering purposes, but I have never used it in that fashion.
  10. matthewty

    matthewty Member

    Hardware vs Software

    From what i hear, the difference between hardware and software is kinda like a tube amp and a solid state amp, hardware = Tube, software=solid state, coming from a guitarist, i think if you can afford it, hardware is the way to go
  11. Red Mastering

    Red Mastering Active Member

    plugins are much cheaper, if you compare a great plugin,
    for example PSP MasterComp (my fav. mastering plugin), to hardware compressor - well
    plug costs 10x less then hardware, and remember - you can use as many plugs within project as you wish (until you kill you cpu power:)
  12. SASman

    SASman Active Member

    I adore my Summit DCL-200, have a lovely enveloping ability.

    When it comes to compression in mastering you need to ask what you are planning to achieve and have a very clear goal. This will determine equipment choices.


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  13. Red Mastering

    Red Mastering Active Member

    Summit is great compressor, but very 'slowly', hence not really usable on some audio content,
    also it's nice piece of mojo, and not very cheap:)
    I also use hardware compressors, but I think plugins (if you really know which one to use&when&how)
    are absolutely great, and for many jobs, when budget is ...very tight - does wonders
  14. Crystal Mixing

    Crystal Mixing Active Member

    Waves SSL 4000 comp can be good, and can be good for the low end tightening.
    I prefer the PSP Master compressor.

  15. Red Mastering

    Red Mastering Active Member

    I actually use hardware version of Waves ssl:)
    and it's great for such a task
  16. Red Mastering

    Red Mastering Active Member

    agree,<br>I actually use hardware version of Waves ssl:)<br>and it's great for such a task<br>
  17. SASman

    SASman Active Member

    Well in many instances you want to apply a character from any given piece of equipment
    that is not GR related. Vari Mu is also typically slow but plenty are used for mastering.

    As far as SSL type I found this works for me only in parallel for mastering (and I have better options anyway), it's predictable control
    of a very specific nature and that surely does not work for all music/genres.


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  18. sickfiction

    sickfiction Active Member

    I used Waves for years, but I really like the Slate Digital FGX mastering unit. You really know when you're over-cooking it but it lets a nice loud master though with plenty of breathing space for transients. No EQ on it though.
  19. Red Mastering

    Red Mastering Active Member

    truly fgx is interesting plugin,
    it has a very good arranged metering - kudos for it!
    and I like it's compressor with slowish att/rel settings;
    it's also a winner in limiter competition for rock/guitar music - sounds very good
  20. balsampillow

    balsampillow Active Member

    I have great success with Waves C4 and Oxford Inflator... also Waves L2 (TDM Pro Tools)

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