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Best mic for my voice type?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by solis88, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. solis88

    solis88 Active Member

    Hello everyone

    I tried posting this question over at gearslutz.com but nobody had any help for me. I forgot about my account here that I had years ago so I'm glad I'm back because I got more help here reading through the forums. Here's the question I asked:

    I recently tried to record a little and I wanted to know what mic would be good for my voice type? I really don't consider myself a singer as I've never studied it but I'd like to start.
    Here is the clip:


    I recorded this clip on a Tascam DR-1. It's just a simple little portable device that fits in your pocket. I needed something with more tracks so I could follow along and bounce tracks around.
    Was thinking of buying the Tascam DP-008 for strictly amateur stuff just for myself and my family so I'm not thinking of spending a ton of money for it all.
    I do play trumpet also and I heard ribbon mics are good for brass.
    Thinking of this one for trumpet but like I said I don't know much about them:

    I also wanted to ask the pros and experienced here if there's anything on this list that would be good for my voice type as well as bass and guitar? Like I said I'm thinking of using the DP-008 for recording so if there's any mic in that list that would be compatible I'd appreciate the help.

    [DLMURL="link removed Microphones - B&H Photo Video[/DLMURL]

    Oh, and my price range is up to about $250 per mic, although I'm hoping I won't have to spend that much and that I could produce a clean sound cheaper.

    Thanks in advance for everyone's help!
  2. JasonAlanJohnson

    JasonAlanJohnson Active Member

    First of all,

    the fact that you got that sound with a DR-1 just shows what great voice quality you have. A ribbon mic could sound great on you, but I would get to the store to experiment with some first. I love my ribbon mics, but only when the instrument calls for them specifically. Remember that mics are not the only component that counts when capturing a "clean" sound. Microphone preamps are also very important, and on your voice, I think a quality micpre could be crucial. My site talks about this and even gives suggestions for specific pieces of gear. I would post a link to the actual page, but I got kicked off of homerecording.com for that (god forbid I try to help someone). Anyway, if you visit and read about the Tracking Phase you will be in good shape. Good Luck and great voice!
  3. solis88

    solis88 Active Member

    Hey Jason thank you very much for your help! I didn't realize a mic preamp is that important. I always thought all that was was a simple power supply for the mic. I was about to PM you but I see the page is on your profile. lol I'll check it out now. Thanks again!
  4. JasonAlanJohnson

    JasonAlanJohnson Active Member

    The DP-008 contains 2 micpres that you can use for now; but I would experiment at the store with some single-channel, high-quality, solid state micpres. A ribbon mic, to high-end pre, to DP-008 actually makes for a pretty sweet, portable, vocal recorder.

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