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Best studio monitor that i can get for around $180-200

Discussion in 'Monitoring / Headphones' started by gafadi, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. gafadi

    gafadi Guest

    Hey guys ,i read couple of threads and stuff. I specifically didn't find the answer.

    To begin with , i'm a kid and my "studio" is really just my room which is like a square box. Not that big , as of now i'm working with A pc , learning guitar ( ibanez ijx30) , for midi keyboard ( Axiom 25 and Oxygen 49 by M- audio ) , Mxl 990 for the MIC and a Pre Sonus Audiobox USB. Got some more money and now i decided its time for me to buy a good pair of Studio monitor that is decent. Right now i can afford max$200 , if possible less than $180 lol.

    Money can be tight and it seem like a useless spending to my parents.

    So please suggest me the best set of box i can get with that money. I found this guy around my area selling a pair of Rokit8 for $200 but its used , for 3 years . I dont know if its wise to buy used stuff. There are couple of rokit5's pair going for $150-170.

    Is it wise to spend money on used equipments ?

    Also found this guy selling brand new rokit5 ( pair ) for $200 but he seems to be quite far from me.
  2. gafadi

    gafadi Guest

    I looked around a little bit

    the best i can find till now is : M-audio av40
    Behringer B1030A
  3. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    Go listen to those rokit8's if they're in your area.
    If they sound fine, you won't do better for $200. 3 years old just means you won't have to break them in.
    Buying used is a great way to get better gear for your money.Those sold for $500.
    Look for scratches and signs of abuse and turn the volumes quickly up and down on them and listen for scratching.
    If they look well taken care of, and sound good,given your choice, i would buy them.JMO
    Offer $175 and see what happens.
  4. gafadi

    gafadi Guest

    Scratch that , not 3 he says 5 years now, but he says its taken care of very well. He was selling Subwoofer 10's , and pair of 8's for $400 but hes ready to sell the pair of 8's for $200. The thing is i am not a pro or not even so much experienced. I've been into music just over 6 months and started buying equipments now as i made some money working designing websites and stuff.

    Clearly i've no idea whats its suppose to sound like. I'll ask him to send me couple of pictures first , ill post it here and go check it out.
  5. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    5 years is not bad if they do look well taken care off.
    My yamaha msp5's were 6 years old when i sold them and i had bought them used.
    As far as what they are supposed to sound like, if they sound good to you( that means no distortion when you turn them up to 2 oclock or scratching sounds whem you play with the volume knobs) then they will sound better than any $200 new pair.
    Unless you trust him to return you money if something's wrong though, you have to go listen to them.(also, jiggle the connection plugs where they plug into the speaker to make sure there is no scratchy noise there).
    good luck.
  6. gafadi

    gafadi Guest

    I've emailed him to send me some pics , i told him i want to come check it out . I dont know if he wants people coming into his place.
  7. gafadi

    gafadi Guest

    this is what the rokit8's look like






    looks neat to me
  8. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    Yeah, definitly worth considering.
    Im sure he won't mind letting you listen to them.
  9. gafadi

    gafadi Guest

    Ah well , i've changed my mind, like i mentioned earlier rokit 8's are little big for me. So i've decided to get brand new rokit 5 g2 , this guy at manhattan is selling a brand new , factory sealed for $200. Its perfect for me and its better if i spend money on brand new than have doubt on the used item im buying as i dont have experience with whats the difference or whats its suppose to sound like.
  10. gafadi

    gafadi Guest


    Thats what it looks now
  11. Ryan Edward

    Ryan Edward Active Member

    How would you describe the sound from these? Are there any weak points in the sound? They look really gorgeous, compact and neat looking. Would not look out of place in the average home.
  12. leopoldolopes

    leopoldolopes Active Member

    That's a good deal to me!

    8" woofer right? That will suit your needs and I now since I have the G2 that they will sound good and accurate! Buy It!
  13. Ryan Edward

    Ryan Edward Active Member

    I'm looking to get a 10" sub-woofer eventually Velodyne I think is the brand name.
  14. Ryan Edward

    Ryan Edward Active Member

    What is the power of these units?
  15. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    On the back in one image it says "140W BIAMP blah blah".
    45-20KHz response, 24dB/oct filters.
  16. Ryan Edward

    Ryan Edward Active Member

    Thank you. I must get new reading glasses.
  17. camsr

    camsr Active Member

    Rokit 8 is good but for some music that is down on the low D bass note, it doesn't have the bass extension. 45hz is pretty good already but if I ever buy ported monitors again I will make sure to get some bigger ones that can at least do 35hz. They do roll off pretty quickly at the low end (-12/dB, ported) so be aware.
  18. reasonedout

    reasonedout Active Member

    What kind of music would need the low D bass note?
  19. apstrong

    apstrong Active Member

    You could ask this guy, he doesn't stop at the D:


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