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Better Live Vocal Mics

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by ahiler, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. ahiler

    ahiler Guest

    Anyone care to offer first-hand advice about buying better-than-average vocal mics for live performance? I am a part-time audio engineer for a small church. We could use some new mics. I currently use the SM58 and the EV N/D767a. I have heard the beta 87a and talked to engineers who like it a lot. I have also used the akg c1000 for some quick vocal recording. Basically, I like the sound of condensers and I'm thinking seriously about getting some beta 87a's. We typically have a lead vocalist and 3-4 backup singers. We use wired ini-ear monitors so feed-back is not an issue, however, I like isolation. Music style ranges from pop/soft-rock to progressive/emo.
    Also, any recomendations about whether or not go wireless would be appreciated. Of course, budget is a significant issue.

  2. Midlandmorgan

    Midlandmorgan Active Member

    my personal live vocal mic choice is the Beta 87A...powerful, clear, and fits in well with other traditional choices (57/58/what ever)

    They are also great studio mics for a million different purposes..
  3. Dan Lampton

    Dan Lampton Guest

    I switched from SM58s to AKG 535s several years ago and have not looked back. The SM 87s are also a good step up, I just prefered the 535s.

    As a bonus, if you ever get a 535 close to a floor tom you will be glad you did.
  4. Treeline

    Treeline Guest

    If you're on a budget, try out the SP B1 for well under a hundred bucks. Here's a track I caught using just one B1, picking up ambient signal, behind the choir members at a local church. The main objective was to keep the mic unobtrusive enought so as not to alarm some of the old timers. (Don't laugh - it's not fun to face a priest who has just been given the third degree by Aunt Tilley over in the second row because of all that new wiry stuff).

    http://www.artistlaunch.com/treeline - Look for Music from the Triduum

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