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Beyer Ribbons

Discussion in 'Microphones' started by RaySolinski, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. RaySolinski

    RaySolinski Active Member

    I see alot of folks are using Beyer ribbon for overheads etc...I would love to grab a Royer but it is a little out of my budget..What are the reccomendations? What is the main difference between the 160 and the 130? Both are bidirectional...How does the 260 sound?..I am not buying a pair and will be mostly using these for jazz acoustic and vox...

  2. neptune

    neptune Guest

    I just bought several Beyerdynamic ribbons mics for recording
    stringed instruments. The M130 is a figure 8. The M160 and
    the M260 are hypercardoid - rare for ribbon mics and useful if
    recording in a smaller space where reflections could cause a
    problem with a figure 8 mic. The M260 has a high pass filter
    and 1 ribbon where as the M160 has 2 ribbons and no high pass
    They go for less than Royer and Coles but have a good
    reputation and are considered to be undervalued.
    For overheads you could use KM184s ( cardoid condensor )
    as an alternative to ribbon mics.

  3. rufuss

    rufuss Active Member

    I work with a pair of m160ns, love the sound, brighter than the royer r-121, so it all depends on the application/sound wanted/source.
    Not suitable for close micing on loud sources, and need a quiet preamp with lots of gain...

    Totally undervallued, these are part of my workhorses.


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