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BF Essential Clip Remover

Discussion in 'Recording' started by noteFarm, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. noteFarm

    noteFarm Member

    Hello there, I have not posted on this forum yet so here, is my first ?

    Has anyone used or do you use the BombFactory Essential Clip Remover ?
    If so how good is it? is it easy to use?
    Or is there a similar plug. The rpice seems good for $99.
  2. Howdy Notefarm,
    Haven't tried this one. The Bomb Factoryplug-insI have tried are all good, so I would tell you to try a demo. Welcome to the forum. Doc
  3. noteFarm

    noteFarm Member

    Thanx for the weclcome Doc,
    I have downloaded the gemo, and I am going to try it out latter. I made the mistake of geting a bass a little too hot, so It might be a great little life saver if this plug worx well.
    By the way I love this forum,
  4. Thanks NoteFarm, glad to hear you are digging the forum. Please do let us know what you think of the demo. Cheers, Doc

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