BFD2 + Samplitude problem [noob in VSTs]

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by Bertrand Batz, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Bertrand Batz

    Bertrand Batz Active Member

    Hey guys, I just installed BFD2, to use in Samplitude, the install was ok, with all the updates, etc.

    It works perfectly in standalone mode, but as a plugin-vst, despite it works, there is no sound. I can choose instruments etc, but there is no sound. I enabled the Midi button, tried to route them to the notes in Samplitude's piano roll, and nothing turned out.

    Am I doing something terribly wrong?
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Been there done that. It was really confusing for me as well. It is more a BFD2 than the samplitude . I'm having to think back so i'm only going to be able to give you suggestions.

    First off, I've found I need more ram than 4 gig for BFD2 on full bandwidth with 16 tracks of Samplitude. I am using win xp pro on a 965 i7. The 50 gigs (full version) sounds killer but takes a chunk of ram. At least that's what Samplitude kept saying to me. It made me nervous. I stopped using it while I'm waiting for more ram.

    BFD also should be installed on its own HD. It still works fine but this is also noted.

    The biggest confusion with BFD is loading in the sounds. Are you able to open BFD2 up on its own (not in samplitude) and load in a kit or separate drums?

    Sorry, I see you already answered this. Forgive as I am doing 4 things at once.
  3. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Okay, I'm recalling more. I think its simple but one of a few things we need to sort out. Samplitude isn't finding the library, yes?. Are you able to create BFD midi tracks in Samplitude but just no sound, yes?

    Even though you can open up BFD as a VST, you still need to load in the drums. Did you do this?
  4. Bertrand Batz

    Bertrand Batz Active Member

    Hey audiokid, I was on a vacations trip, just got back, and gonna be back to studio in 2 days; from there I think I can check those stuff you are talking about, so we can find a answer...
  5. Bertrand Batz

    Bertrand Batz Active Member

    Ok, I just opened a new project, made a loop with EzDrummer, it runs in the samplitude 10's piano roll, normally... The MIDI button to the left is marked... in the 'automation' area the button 'Track' is marked...

    In the MIDI area...

    In: Delta 1010LT(etcetc)
    Out: BFD2

    When I mark the Out: BFD2 a popup appears

    "Routing for Multi Channel Software Instruments BFD2"

    What should I mark then?

    My goal is to route a drumkit piece to a note in the Samplitude's piano roll...

    I marked the 'mono' option and another window pops up "BFD2 - VSTi 1" with parameters to be selected... just for instance I set to randomize parameters, and got to the plugin I try to click the drumkit pieces and there's no sound... What can be wrong? It works ok in standalone
  6. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Shou7ldn't some of this info be in the manuals? Just thinking. Routing should be in the BFD2 manual as well as in Samplitude's manual. You should be able to find something in the index. Search multitimbral, multichannel or routing.

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