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Blue Reactor Mic

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Daveybasso, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Daveybasso

    Daveybasso Guest

    Greetings everyone this is my first post on this forum =)

    i was wondering what everybody thought of the new Blue Reactor mic? i just bought one and i love it.

    was wondering if anyone else has one and what they may think of it.
  2. JoshuaMusic313

    JoshuaMusic313 Active Member

    I'm dying to hear how it sounds on some male lead vocals before i buy it this month...I heard it was pretty nice...Grade A remodeled capsule after the Kiwi...& everyone knows that the kiwi just makes everything sound better,to an extent...i'm betting this will too :)
  3. Daveybasso

    Daveybasso Guest

    heres a sample i did for Gearslutz.com

    Reactor Vocal Sample.mp3 - 1.19MB
  4. JoshuaMusic313

    JoshuaMusic313 Active Member

    THANKS DAVEY !!!! Sounds very clear & present /has like a airy smoothness to it...almost has a top end sheen on the sibillance, but not ANYWHERE near as bad as the NTK or NT2A top end...This mic blows them away !!!! I'm definitely gonna give this mic a go !!!! heck for $500 bucks? pfff...Im goin to guitar center as soon as i wake up tomorrow lol :)
  5. Daveybasso

    Daveybasso Guest

    Will you post a sound sample as well please?:biggrin:
  6. Daveybasso

    Daveybasso Guest

    i forgot to mention, the reactor was plugged into a Focusrite ISA one mic pre =) going into a EMU 1212m pro audio card.

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