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Boring drums

Discussion in 'Drums' started by planet red, Oct 25, 2001.

  1. planet red

    planet red Active Member

    I get decent drum sounds now but nothing with a particular "sound". I dont have any high end gear so im not going for perfection just something that sounds cool. Anyone heard Refused, shape of punk to come record? Here's what I have now.... (spider or something similar is coming hopefully by febuary)
    57's, 421's, an ATM 25, octava 012's and a rode NTK, with mackie pres and a dbx two channel "tube" pre (sucks)recording into a digi001 with some waves plugs and soundreplacer..... nothing great. I was just wanting some suggestions as to something that might sound cool. I dunno, im bored and recording another band tommorrow and dont want the same sound drum sound AGAIN. Thanks for letting me waste your time.
  2. A short list of suggestions:
    • Mic the shell of the snare instead of the top and bottom heads.
    • Put your room mics in the room next door and add a healthy dose of those mics to the mix.
    • Bus your snare and kick mics and send the signal to some random device that you can overload (your sh*tty dbx pres, a cassette deck, a guitar stompbox, or anything else with an input and an output), then bring the signal back into the mix to add flavor to the clean snare and kick sounds.
    • Put a reflective surface (like a clipboard) on the floor in front of your kick. Place a mic an inch above the reflective surface, pointing directly at the surface. Vary the distance of this contraption from the kick, and mix in for flavor.
    • Try the reflective surface contraption on the floor immediately below the snare.
  3. drumsound

    drumsound Active Member

    Those are great suggestions!

    Here are some more:
    -Use less mics
    -use mics in the "wrong" places (ie 57 on BD)
    -Move the room mic(s) randomly before each song
    -use cheap cymbals
    -use mallets

    Make sure that if you go totally nuts that the band is into it. If not, go traditional and boring and make it sound good to them and realize that's part of the gig.

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