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bose personalized amplification system

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by davewike, Feb 24, 2005.


Bose PAS

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  1. davewike

    davewike Guest

    first off, anyone tried the Bose PAS? what do you think?

    Also, I'm looking for a little "hand-holding" in the process of purchasing new speakers. If anyone has the time to check out the type of music I play and the situation I'm trying to find the right speaker for, and tell me what would work, I would really appreciate it...

    I have a mackie 8 channel mixer that I've enjoyed just fine. (It's quiet). I'm running that into a Peavey 1200 AMP which power some old peavey SP2's a purchased when I was a kid and just wanted the loudest thing I could find. :roll: (dumb kid) So now I'm stuck with a very loud system, but it's just inaccurate for the acoustic music I play and the small audience I play for.

    I want to keep my mackie and the peavey amp... mainly because they've been permantly mounted into a custom-built cabinet my brother built that's pretty nifty. But I'm ready to get much smaller speakers that have a really great range and clarity, almost like a studio monitor or something (I know, those are usually powered themselves, but you know what I mean).

    I've been researching the daedalus SR-823, but they are a fortune! So I'm looking for something in the middle of the road.

    Here's the type of music I play, and I only hit small coffee shops...


    Thanks for your time guys!!!
  2. recarbo

    recarbo Guest

    I heard your music, Dave; nice. Perfect for a small coffe shop. That will help the caffiene heads to slow down a little.

    I have tried the Bose system; that's the one with the big tree
    of small speakers, right?

    That system is perfect for your music. What was awesome about the system (and I'm saving up for one, too-- although some music
    I play is RnR, a little too loud) is that you can be right next to it, and it projects the same apparent volumn to you as to people 10 to 30 ft away. I thought that was (still do) miraculous.

    It had enough balls when I played it, to project to a 100 ft x 50 ft
    room packed with people.

    I would get the Bose that has the woofer with it, only some$$ more. See if you can try it first. As soon as I tried it (doing my solo club gig, guitar/vox) I knew I had to have one.

    I found one on Ebay for $1500, but those purchases can be a little iffy.

    Buena Suerte...
  3. frob

    frob Well-Known Member

    i wish there was a option for thouse of use who have not tried them
    well at no where but guitar center.
  4. JoeH

    JoeH Well-Known Member

    Like anything else, there is always the right tool for the right job. I wouldn't get it for a larger-venue sound reinforcement gig, but they do seem right for what you're talking about. I heard a setup at a GC at least a year ago, and I was impressed - it did exactly what it claimed to do: Good overall ambient sound, no particular radiating point, and good for duos, trios, etc., in small environments.

    Again, not something for a big venue or rock show, but certainly not a bad way to get yourself heard in the kinds of venues you play.
  5. davewike

    davewike Guest

    Thanks guys. I love the idea of the bose PAS, but like I mentioned in the first post, I already have an amp and mixer mounted in a custom cabinet that I'd like to hang onto... and isn't the bose an "all-in-one" system that both powered and eq'd within itself? I'm therefore looking for just a good set of speakers that don't feedback as awful as giant PA's do like my SP2's. Just a good reference/studio monitor type speaker that isn't powered. Maybe I'm going to have to let go of the idea of keeping my stuff and just fork out $2500 for the dern bose... who knows.

    Recommend any speakers that are in line with what I mentioned above?
  6. dino757

    dino757 Guest

    Hey guys, something I've been wondering about regarding this Bose system you're discussing:

    Is it a monophonic unit, or does it take stereo ins and project a stereo image somehow?

  7. sdelsolray

    sdelsolray Active Member

    The Bose PAS is certainly interesting. However, it has shortcomings. It also sounds like a Bose.

    You mentioned Daedalus. Now that's a speaker. Incredible. You can certainly choose the 803 over the 823. Indeed, the S-81 is a fine two way speaker. I use of pair of them. A pair runs about $1,300 or so.
  8. RickShepherd

    RickShepherd Guest

    Dave, I sent you an email about the 823's. sdelsolray and I seem to find each other on various forums talking about Daedalus speaker cabinets. There are great speakers out there, but these are the elite speakers in a class of their own. :D
  9. davewike

    davewike Guest

    Hey Rick, can you shoot me that email again? I don't know if it caught snagged as spam or what, but I never got a note from you... I'd love to hear all I can about the Daedalus, so thanks for much for your time. (Did you just use the email address from my web site?)
  10. RickShepherd

    RickShepherd Guest

    Yes I used the web email addy

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