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    I like to create a real nice layer of sound with multiple guitar tracks panning different ways and creating dynamic on GARAGEBAND. However it is messy having 6 or so guitar tracks on the workspace so I press COMMAND & J to bounce them all into one track. However it never sounds the same its like it looses its dynamic completely, I have tried bouncing to stereo and mono and it just doesn't sound the same? Any tips on how to get it sounding the same when bounced into one track>?

    Many thanks
  2. kmetal

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    One way is set up a bus/aux. 'send' all of your guitar tracks to this stereo bus. Now the fader for the aux will control the volume of all your guitar tracks, while preserving the volume/panning.

    To clean up the screen, just hide the gtr tracks. If later on you decide gtr track 3 needs more something, simply un-hide it, adjust, and hide it.

    A note on bouncing the way your doing it. Make sure you bypass any effects, (for instance compressor/limiter) on the master channel, before you bounce these track groups. Otherwise your guitar tracks that your simply trying to combine, will combine with the master channel processing, which you don't want, in your case.

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    What Kyle said.

    I'd also add that you'd probably end up getting far better results, and being much happier with those results, if you bit the bullet and moved up to a real DAW platform.

    Garage Band is what it is... a hobby level program.

    Simply put, as your needs increase, as you experiment more, you will eventually reach the limitations of that program, and there will come a point in time where you will find that it won't be able to do what you want it to do.
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  4. kmetal

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    Is reaper still free? Even if not it's decent. Mix bus is $40, and presonus studio one is free? All the next level from garage band.
  5. Kurt Foster

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    not free.

    $60/$225 depending on use. MixBus is $40 and a better program imo.

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