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Brand new to recording, noob interface question

Discussion in 'Recording' started by LiftHands, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. LiftHands

    LiftHands Guest

    I've been a songwriter for the past 3 years and I'm finally getting interested in a simple home recording studio. I've already picked out my mics, MXL 990 for vocals and MXL993 for acoustic instruments. Now here's where I have a problem, I need a decent interface. I've been looking at the Lexicon Omega, Presonus Firebox, Focusrite Saffire, and the Focusrite Saffire LE.

    I'm mostly going to be recording with 2 mics, vocal and the instrument mic. And possibly later on down the road using MIDI in for a keyboard or something of that nature. I'd prefer firewire which would most likely rule the Lexicon Omega out, but as I said I'm a noob to these kind of things and very open to opinions.

    So if there's anyone out there that can give some insight and tell me which ones would sound better/have better pres and what not it would be greatly appreciated.

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