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Discussion in 'Recording' started by ErikTechBlog, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. ErikTechBlog

    ErikTechBlog Active Member


    I would like your help, I am new at this and looking for advice and suggestions.

    I have a Heil PR40 Mic with filter, Boom, and shock mount.

    What I need to do is:

    -Receive Audio via internet, and have it relayed to 1 or more Pro headsets.
    -Send Audio via internet with 1 or more mics.

    Maybe with a Mixer? I have a Macbook pro, hopefully I can do the above with 1 computer.
    Where it gets complicated I will need to send video has well. Maybe computer 2 can send the video and computer 1 sends/receives the audio. Its very confusing.

    Please help
  2. Ripeart

    Ripeart Active Member

    A digital mixer will help you with your audio concerns and I imagine software can help you route the video. Mackie makes an Onyx series you could look into.

    What exactly are you doing?
  3. ErikTechBlog

    ErikTechBlog Active Member

    I am doing a type of radio show from my home, broadcasting via internet. So I need to route the audio the same way. I will receive audio via the net into my mixer I guess to my headset.or headsets. then I will send audio via 1 or more mics.

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