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budget mixer/audio interface for home and live

Discussion in 'Recording' started by RAASH, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. RAASH

    RAASH Active Member

    so i am trying to figure out what i need for the following.

    so i'm building a band with that will eventually be 7+ people.

    all the bass/guitars are going direct to pa, or mixer, you know, no amps with acoustic drums and horns

    so i need a lot of inputs on this mixer/audio interface.

    the idea is that all the instruments(no vocals) will go to the same board and out my PA and then out to the house as well as a laptop to record.

    i'm trying to build a system that weather we're playing in a basement live, or recording live, or recording, or playing at a venue: were using the same setup

    i'm going to get a dude or 2 who will kinda act like a front of house/almost-dj-like-knobtweeker/recording eng as part of the band

    so hopefully i'm not being to wordy. i'm wondering what is the cheapest way i can multitrack mix, record, as well as go out to the PA and or house.

    i have a laptop with logic, a shitty little firebox, and a small fischer price, i mean behringer mixer. this lil setup has been good enough when it was just me, dinking around by myself. what should i upgrade to? i'm going to need 20+ inputs, and somehow into the laptop to record as well as the PA

    thank you for all useful info in advance, and thank you for being patient with another n00b with wild ideas, that i'm sure will be crushed soon enough
  2. vttom

    vttom Active Member

    Seems to me you want something like this..

    Mackie - Onyx 1620i

    What this has going for it is the fact that all the input channels get passed individually to the computer over firewire (as opposed to other mixers which send only 2 channels, post-mix, to the computer).
  3. RAASH

    RAASH Active Member

    thanks, are there cheaper options?
  4. RAASH

    RAASH Active Member

    looks like the 1640 has enough inputs. looks awesome. damn it's expensive for my budget
  5. RAASH

    RAASH Active Member

    If I switched to able ton or PT would I have to use an additional interface?
  6. vttom

    vttom Active Member

    Well, something like this might work if you do all your mixing in the computer...

    Product: US-2000 | TASCAM

    Heck, you might even be able to "marry" an iPad or somesuch to your DAW as a control surface, and have portable/remote-control mixing capability, which would be pretty sweet.
  7. RAASH

    RAASH Active Member

    interesting, thanks guys, i'll have to think about this

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