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Budget Shockmounts (CAD & Samson) - The Answer

Discussion in 'Recording' started by zemlin, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. zemlin

    zemlin Well-Known Member

    I have found a good use for my Oktava binder-clip shock mounts - I've made some ho-made bits that lets me used them for a variety of different setups with SD mics. Not wanting to limit my selection of microphones for lack of adequate shock mounts, I'm looking for replacements for the Oktava MK-319 mics.

    A while back I bought an Oktava ML52 - a fairly large ribbon mic. I found a Peavey shockmount that worked great, cost me less than $30, and was modified to fit the Oktava mic in about 10 minutes.


    That modified Peavey mount also fits the Oktava 319s, but it's huge compared to them. I want to find something a little better proportioned for those mics - if for no other reason than it will take up less space in my tubs. I was hemming and hawwing between the Samson SP01 and the CAD MZM-5. The CAD is black and cheaper than the Samson, and I could not tell anything about the size of either unit, so I ordered a pair of the CAD mounts. I got them today, and they are very small. It will take more effort to get the Oktavas to fit, but it can be done. They'll look very top heavy, however, and won't perch well if the mics are mounted horizontally. I only paid $20 each for the CAD mounts, and it's a very decent mount, so I'll probably keep them and see if I can figure out something nifty to do with them.

    So - all this long-winded blabbering is leading up to a very simple question: How big is the Samson SP01 mount? If you have one, would you measure the depth of the inner basket? The overall height of only the inner basket from where the mic would rest to the top of the hooks. Also, the overall height of the outer basket - from hook-to-hook.

    I'm wondering if that would be a better match for the MK319s.

  2. zemlin

    zemlin Well-Known Member

    Well - I posted my questions about the Samson shock mount on 3 different forums - and didn't get a response on any of them - so I ordered a pair.

    The Samson shock mount is 'ZACTLY the same as the Peavey Studio Pro - except it's silver.

    Modifications to make it fit took about 10 minutes in a well equipped shop.

    Here's the end result.


    A little oversized looking (IMO), but a good fit and it balances the mic well in any position.

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