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Build your own desk!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by flatrat, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. flatrat

    flatrat Active Member

    I just wanted to share some basic info about building a custom console for the studio for under $150.00.

    I have been looking for specs for about a month and then I came across argossyconsoles.com and discovered the specs I was looking for and some really helpful info as well. I got the basic idea and added a few of my own touches and got a really nice desk for approx $145.00

    I spent 2-3 hrs a night after work in the space of about 3 weeks and ended up with this:http://flatratstudios.com/StudioRates.html
    Just click on the home button for a basic diary of the process.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  2. mjatas

    mjatas Guest

    Looks great, but let me ask you a few questions. firstly, the pic on your site of your studio is that the whole studio, as in length wise and is it possible to add DJ dual CD player and 2 turntables as well as a battle mixer? Also how exactly did you get it to fit in a room what you have? Because I have a small room and I need to fit everything in there, however in the future I might move so I need something that will fit in my other place. I live in a house and the room were my table is now is approx. 13-14 feet in length. The only thing is I also have a TV, computer and amplifier hook up there in that area. What should I do? I can also show you some pictures of how my room looks if you like. I have Yahoo Messenger and we can chat there.
  3. flatrat

    flatrat Active Member

    The desk is 68 1/2 " wide and 44" deep. I built the stand seperatley and set the desk on that . My wife and I carried the top through my 36" doorway with no problem. I built the 2 racks seperatley and installed them after I brought the desk in.

    You can use the space on either side for whatever, If you stick with dimensions like these, you should be able to "rack-up" cd players or anything with rack ears pretty easily.

    MY studio is approx 9x14. There is about 22 inches of space on each side of my desk, which makes it rather easy to get my fat ass around the back of it. a desk this size would have plenty of room for what you are doing, the laminated panels are actually drawers that I buit into the racks, and there is plnty of room underneath to put your CPU ect.....

    I am working on a little documentary of the process complete with pictures that I will be adding to the site.
    Stay tuned....thanks!
  4. Demian

    Demian Guest


    I was wondering if you had any additional pics of your console.
    I've seen the consoles on the Argosy site, and I think this is pretty much what I'm looking for.

    Would you be willing to share additional pics, as well as the specs of your console; i.e. cutting diagrams, etc?

    Any help would be eternally appreciated....


  5. flatrat

    flatrat Active Member

    I am just about done with a documentery of the console that I put together in Powerpoint. If you want I can send you the files?
    I don't have "cutting diagrams" but I do list the basic dimensions
    and I added lmore pictures during the process. It was challenging for me to start from scratch without the dimensions, buit now that it is together, building another one with my specs would be a breeze.

    You can email me at flatrat@tx3.com for the Powerpoint slides.

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