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Building a DAW

Discussion in 'Recording' started by DocRoc, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. DocRoc

    DocRoc Guest

    Hi, This is my first post on the forum. I have been a FOH engineer for years, but am merging into studio recording. I have a great $80,000 studio I will utilize for this, however there is no DAW, so I will be purchasing one for the place (it would need to talk with a DM2000). I would also like a mobile setup for location recording that I could also store at my home where I'd do some basic mixing. I would like to get some direction on where I should focus my spending. I have a $10,000 loan and am planning on spending $6k of it on the DAWs.

    I am leaning toward a Nuendo setup cause I don't wanna rule out possible A/V business having Cubase, and 2 TDM setups would be too much $$$. Was thinking Maybe doing 1 Cubase and 1 Nuendo. I know its the same engine, but would there be any complications or quality degradation recording in Nuendo then bringing into Cubase and back to Nuendo back and forth?

    Is it worth the $ to buy two custom built DAWs. If so, any suggestions? I was thinking of the
    ADK Core 2 -

    Building a DAW is a world I am completely unfamiliar with so I appreciate any professional advice. If I'm being entirely too vague here, please let me know. Thank you guys!

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