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building a project studio

Discussion in 'Recording' started by sammyg, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. sammyg

    sammyg Active Member

    hey all,

    can anybody recomend a book or site which contains handy topics regarding building a project studio, i.e, wall angles, wall material, power standards, wiring issues, you know what i mean.
    Something that has the do's and donts.

    Does anybody have any advice themselves (apart from telling me to avoid the drudgery of the prouduction world!!) :?
    Im sure there are a few people here that can share 1st hand experiences, perhaps share advice on things they may have done differently. You can never learn too much!!!


  2. splurge

    splurge Guest

    Try this sammyg.



  3. sammyg

    sammyg Active Member

    Cheers Liam :cool:
  4. Massive Mastering

    Massive Mastering Well-Known Member

    Do a search on books by a guy named F. Alton Everest.

    Some very handy stuff - Including (but not limited to) "Building a studio on a budget" oriented books.

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