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Building computers for friends-tell them to get a Dell..

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Tommy P., Jan 21, 2003.

  1. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Tech support for all the comps I've built for people, friends and family over the past few years is wearing me out. I've been doing it for many years as a hobby, and frankly, the thrill is gone. I never made a profit, let alone calculated tech support into the prices of these things, and "doing the right thing" for everyone is wearing me out. Some stuff is ridiculous too. My bosses college age daughter had so much porn downloaded on her comp, that auto dialer programs at start-up brought the machine to a grinding halt. :c: I brought it home, fixed it, and told him it was an e-mail virus.
    My new line is "Get a Dell dude(or dudette).
    And no, I'm not giving out her telephone number.
    As Gary would say, OY!
  2. SonOfSmawg

    SonOfSmawg Well-Known Member

    I saw a Dell ad on TV last night gave you the tower, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and a flat panel monitor for like six or seven hundred bucks! I didn't get the specifics, but I'll bet it would do the trick for most common home users.
    Just don't make the mistake of sending someone you know down to Best Buy to pick up an eMachines system. You'll make an enemy for life!
  3. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Is all the stuff on the Dell (software) going to be ok for an audio machine? I have seen this too and I found it interesting but I was worried that all that Internet stuff would be a drag. I was afraid it would be "Dude! Your going to Hell!" instead of "Dude! You're getting a Dell!" ??? Fats
    p.s. Tommy, how about her Email address?
  4. SonOfSmawg

    SonOfSmawg Well-Known Member

    Nah, Fats, not for a DAW! As I said...
    You'd be very hard-pressed to find an "off the rack" peecee that's suitable for a decent DAW that won't cost you an arm and two legs.
    For a DAW, IMO, it's best to build your own tower, so that you know it, literally, inside-out.
  5. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Thanks, that's what I thought. I just wanted to be clear on it... :D Fats
    (just kidding, my wife would kill me!!!!)
  6. Midlandmorgan

    Midlandmorgan Active Member

    I am not too sure about the eMachine comment...I have one (T4160, 1.6 P4 Intel, XP, blah blah blah) that I dropped an additional hard drive and max memory into, and it has performed flawlessly for audio...Running Samplitude...Got mine about 14 months ago...actually was gonna be the office 'puter, but it pretty much sucked at anything BUT audio...go figure. Spent $700 on it.
  7. SonOfSmawg

    SonOfSmawg Well-Known Member

    Emachines is notorious for using used components in their "new" computers. A lot of eMachines come with different components than they are advertised and sold as, usually inferior to the component claimed.
    They have terrible customer service regarding their warranty. Just check the internet. People have nothing but major problems with this company.
    Then there's the rebate issue! JEEZ! People often buy the eMachines puter with a massive rebate offer, for hundreds of dollars that they are supposed to get back. Again, check the internet and find out how many people this company has totally ripped off!
    I'm glad that your eMachines is doing fine, but that's definately not the norm.
    I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy that they go out and buy an eMachines.
  8. Midlandmorgan

    Midlandmorgan Active Member

    Interesting contrast...I got my rebate check with nary a problem...had one issue that I called on Tech Support...was resolved within 24 hours...

    I guess its kinda the luck of the draw, just like buying mics, etc off the internet...might get a good one, might get a GREAT one, might get a lemon. I do feel lucky, now that you mention it.
  9. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    one of the problems with Dell machines is this:
    For some reason under certain programs when you move the mouse it creates a crackling in the audio! :roll:
  10. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Thats exactly right Gary. If you are building for experienced professionals, they won't be calling you for frivolous problems. Newbees need to get a Dell IMHO. :D

    I did see one huge Dell deal last November that I forgot to post for you all. It was this:
    P4 2.4 533 system bus
    15 Dell LCD flat screen monitor
    30GB 7200rpm HD
    24X CDROM burner
    basic sound and video
    All for under $600 no rebates involved.
    Not bad really, you couldnt buy the parts for that price. If it comes around again, I'll post it and we can decide if it would make a good base for a DAW.
  11. TheRealWaldo

    TheRealWaldo Guest

    E-machines North-American track record is reflected easily in the system return rate:


  12. johntheson

    johntheson Guest

    Tommy P,
    I am EXACTLY at the same place you are. I build machines for people, and deliver then in pristine condition, only to have them call later and want me to fix it for them. All of a sudden; what was once a favor to them, has now changed to a " hey John, somethings wrong with my computer, and you need to fix it. I, like you, never made a dime to speak of, but loved it for the hobby, and wanted to help others out. I'm through with it though. It costs $40 an hour where I live to take it in to a tech, and they need to learn this. I've lost my enthusiasm, and after working all day; do not want to come home and spend the rest of at least 1 night, troubleshooting someones computer for free. Sorry for being long-winded, but I know where you're coming from Bro'.
    John Sr.
  13. Prolab

    Prolab Guest

    Yep, no matter how good you are, you give something away for free, you will have 100 people lined up to take advantage..AND they don't mind complaining about the freebee either. Also, if you do something free long enough, the way to end it is when they say...uh...how much I owe ya..just say, 105 dollars. You will not get a callback again from that one.

    About Emachines. Good ones are just that, good ones. I bought one and it was a dud. It was past the 14 day period so I called the store and explained what was going on. The sales p[erson said, do this, buy a brand new one, take the guts out, exchange the guts, bring the "new" one back. Since I was told to do this (seems they did it all the time) the exchange went flawless and that machine was great, no problems. Luck of the draw so to speak. One thing about an emachine. If you get one, you need to take out all the crap they put in there like all the internet offers and advertisements. Got to go into the startup and declare wholesale tweaking.

    They can be good, but the 30+ % lemon rate is enough to scare away anyone without some experience. Get what you pay for!

    BTW, what is the going rate for a good build it yourself asus system with 2.5GhZ?

    I was intrigued at the barebones deals a few months ago.
  14. eskimo

    eskimo Guest

    Intel® 845 - PE chipset 400MHz/533MHz FSB USB 2.0
    the mobo in the Dell Dimension 4550.
  15. johntheson

    johntheson Guest

    Good idea Prolab about the $105 thing. I personally think that anything 1ghz and above is plenty enough processing power if yoy have the proper amout of ram. I unlock my Athlon processors with thewindow defogger kits, and it allows you to change the multiplier as well as the FSb speed. With my Intel chips; I just change the bus speed. I know there are people who abhore this but if you catch the proper code numbers on the chips that come from the high yield silicone, it make no difference at all. What some don't realise is that Intel, and AMD both run their chips through tests, and the ones that reach certain speeds while still staying within the thermal specifications, as well as other tests; they are used as faster processors. Others are marked for lower speeds. They are all from the same wafer. That's why you can unlock an AMD processor, and run it 5 or 600mhz above it;s intended speed; providing you have the proper thermal solutions. I do this as a hobbiest. For my recording I will run things all in spec. Just my .02 worth.
    John Sr.

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