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Building new homestudio

Discussion in 'Room Acoustics / Isolation / Treatment' started by TheTom, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. TheTom

    TheTom Active Member

    Hi all!
    I recently moved to a new home and now I am about to build my studio there.
    The main task will be mixing metal bands and sometimes recording some overdubs or vocals.

    Me and my girlfriend live in the house so noise inside the house should not be a huge problem.
    There are only 2 rooms on the upper floor which I can use.
    The rooms are 4,23 meters by 4,85 meters and 3,70 meters by 4,23 meters. ceiling is about 2,60 meters.The rooms are connected with a door. both rooms have a concrete flooring with deal boards.
    I chose the bigger one to be the control room. Outside is a main road which can quite annoying from time to time.

    As I learned from Rod's book it is most important for the stereo image to be symmetric, I thought it would be best to have the slope in the back or the front of the room. For communication purposes I thought it would be best to place the console in front of the control room window and let the speakers fire down to the slope. This brought me to the next problem...the speakers would fire down the width of the room so space is a problem. which brought me to the idea to flush mount the monitors to gain a little space.I thought about adding bass treatment in the corners of the slope side of the room.

    I made a sketch but unfortunately I learned that I'm a total sketchup rookie...so this is all I can come up with...I hope it works for the purpose icon_smile.gif

    What do you guys think about this? Is there a chance this could work? or does anyone have some other ideas?

    Any help is much appreciated

    Thanks a lot in advance


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  2. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    Please read this page:

    That said, if a slope is exists it is typically better to have it in the front of the control room to help diffuse the sound towards the back rather than in the back and sending the sound right back at you. Your situation is unique in that you seem to be stuck with what it is you have presented. But what you call a slope, your drawing represents as a curved surface.

    A curved surface will focus sound so it might be in the worst place behind you. Do you have an actual picture of this surface that shows what it is in more detail?
  3. TheTom

    TheTom Active Member

    Hi Space,thanks for your reply.

    Yes you're right. It is a curved surface. I called it slope,because I didn't know what it is called in english.
    Like you said I read that it would be better to have the curve in front of the console,but I really want to avoid bad communication with the recording booth. I hope that there's a possibility to work "towards" the booth.
    I took 3 photos of it from different angles to get a more detailled picture. I hope this helps.


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  4. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

  5. TheTom

    TheTom Active Member

    Hi I read this page but couldn't find anything about "curved surfaces" in there and I thought I followed the instructions correctly mentioned on that page.
    If I failed,please tell me. My english is not the best, so maybe I missed something.

    I thought it might be possible to treat the backwall so that the curved surface is not a big problem.
  6. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    Space wasn't directing you to that link because the answer you seek is there. The link he provided sends you to a list of criteria that you must follow... before you begin asking the acoustics experts here in this section for advice.

    This list of "must do's" was put into place by the mods/experts of this section. It's there for a purpose.

    Space is a moderator of this forum, and in particular, the acoustics section(s). If he directed you to this link, I'm sure he had a perfectly good reason to do so.

    The most likely is that you missed some steps, either unintentionally or intentionally, and directions failed to be followed.

  7. TheTom

    TheTom Active Member

    Yes I read the list and I thought I followed all the steps correctly. Sorry if I didn't.


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