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CAD GXL2200/2400 & Nady SCM800 (Newbie ?'s)

Discussion in 'Recording' started by JLiRD808, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. JLiRD808

    JLiRD808 Active Member

    This is my first post ever (Aloha from HI) and this will also be my first condenser mic purchase ever. I am on a strict budget and am trying to do as much research as possible on my 6 day a week work schedule.

    I saw these two mics all over EBAY:
    CAD GXL2200/2400 & Nady SCM800


    Does anyone know if they are worth the $69.99???!!

    I am a home recording enthusiast but want to record a talented R&B style singer with a wide range.

    I also wanted to ask about cheap mic pres as well. For now, is an M-Audio Fasttrack Pro gonna cut it for my DAW?

  2. JLiRD808

    JLiRD808 Active Member

    Wow I did searches on all three of those mics and found nothing. That's pretty rare.

    Has nobody ever heard of thse or used these before?


    BROKENBONES Active Member

    stay away from the nady. we don't talk that language around here.

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