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CAD M9 & RNP combination

Discussion in 'Recording' started by dnafe, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. dnafe

    dnafe Active Member

    Hi All

    Was wondering if anyone had any real world experience with this mic/pre combo?

    Thanks in advance

  2. i have a M9.. the mic sounds GREAT simply in my console pres(Tascam m2600) but i've used it with a valley audio 401 and a aphex 207. sounds great so far through any good pre.. so i can bet the rnp or grace 101 is gonan sound great too..
  3. dnafe

    dnafe Active Member

    I think Fletcher was right when he told me this mic was a sleeper...so far it's done everything I hoped it would and then some

  4. if you happen to have the stock tube still in it and it sounds good... wait til you change it to a groove tube ecc83.. i did mine over a week ago and it really opend the mic up.. i don't usually have to eq vox now.. when i do its just a slight cut here and there..

    it takes about 1-2 minutes to do.. just take the mic apart.. pull out the stock tube, place the new one in it and let it warm up for a little while
  5. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Here is a web site for CAD MICS .

    The M9 sure looks nice! What does it cost?


    Side address, true condenser.
    1.1" inside diameter, gold sputtered.
    Frequency Response:
    Capsule: 10Hz - 20 kHz.
    Head Amplifier: 4Hz - 200KHz
    Polar Pattern:
    Low (200 ohms nominal).
    Output Level At 1 kHz.:
    Open Circuit Voltage:
    -53 dB (0 dB = 1 volt per microbar).
    -56 dB (0 dB = 1 volt per microbar).
    Dynamic Range:
    118.5 dB (Noise floor to max SPL @ less than 0.2% THD).
    120 dB (Noise floor to max SPL @ less than 5.0% THD).
    Equivalent Noise Level:
    15 dB Equivalent SPL, A weighted.
    Maximum Output Level:
    +8 dBV (@ 140 dB SPL, less than 5.0% THD).
    Maximum SPL:
    154.5 dB SPL (-16dB pad).
    156 dB SPL (-16dB pad).
    Total Harmonic Distortion:
    Less than 0.2% @ 138.5 dB SPL without pad.
    Less than 5.0% @ 140 dB SPL without pad.
    Hi-Pass: (3dB @ 100Hz.)
    Pad: 0dB & -16dB (Non-Capacitive)
    Capsule Capacitance:
    68 pF.
    Included MV200 analog power supply.
    7 pin XLR, on microphone and power supply.
    3 pin XLR, audio out from power supply.
    Professional quality 7 conductor, 30 ft. long. Gold plated connectors.
    Blue housing, satin nickel plated screen assembly with black accents.


    That is one flat frequency response chart! One of the best I have ever seen!

    [ November 13, 2003, 05:26 PM: Message edited by: Kurt Foster ]
  6. drbam

    drbam Guest

    About $400 street price. Looks nice.

  7. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Wowzeer! That's looks like a great mic for the price... I think I'll email the company and see if I can get one to review ... :D
  8. sdelsolray

    sdelsolray Active Member

    The M9 is nice. The real star of the CAD line, though, is the VX2.
  9. the VX2 is a nice mic also.. i'm really liking cad's higher end mics..

    as for the price.. most ppl have them these days for $399.. some for $525.. but 8thstreet.com has a sale for $299..

    i got mine direct from omnitronicsLLC for $278 plus shipping...
    for that price, no mic can touch it..

    Kurt the mic looks great, built very well also.. the mics a little heavy and with the shock mount it will make an avg mic stand/boom fall over, so be sure you have counter weight or a heavy stand..
  10. dnafe

    dnafe Active Member

    Thanks for the tip

  11. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I just recived a response from CAD mics. They are sending out an M9 for me to review.. as soon as I get done with that and return it, I will request a VX 2.
    I think CAD has made a breakthrough with the design of these two mics. I was not a fan of their older designs, on paper, or in use ... but these two mics look very good (on paper) and if they live up to thier specs, I am sure they will enjoy wide use. Especially at these prices.
  12. by

    by Guest

    I've also found the VSM (which is I'm guess between the sound of the VX2 and the Equitek series) for about $550 - and that lists at $1,300 - geeez!! I've been interested in these mics for years but not much talk about them.
  13. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I will record some samples using these mics and post them so everyone can hear them in action. Pehaps I will get them soon enough to use them to record some of the "Cheeseburgers" project.. We have a sax player coming in soon, that would be a wonderful test..

    Sorry I can't post a sample of them with a RNP.. I don't have one here.. I guess I will just have to use my cruddy Amek Neve 9098 .... :D
  14. Kurt,

    I'm waiting the samples...
    I have a M9 mic and like very very much.
    Ok, is not a VX2 but is a great sound...

    Can I post a sample too ???

  15. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Please do! Kurt
  16. sdelsolray

    sdelsolray Active Member


    Any progress on the CAD M9 evaluation?
  17. sdelsolray

    sdelsolray Active Member

  18. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    It's here ... probably be tracking again early January..
  19. Perikoresis

    Perikoresis Guest

    I have a pair of M9s and a pair of RNPs . . . what would you like to know? I think you can get away with 'less bright' (that is, not so 'sparkly', not 'not so smart') positioning with them than other tube mics (except for the Groove Tubes ones with the dongle on the diaphragm) . . . I like one on the bout end of acoustic guitar (but on the strings they are too 'tooth grinding', again like the Groove Tubes competition) . . . although CAD doesn't mention modifying the diaphragm, they do claim the power supply intentionally amplifies lower order harmonics (like the Oktava MKL 2500, but without the steep rolloff from 10k on up)

    I'd like to know what tube ECC83s are ~ 12AT7s? I have some of those lying around . . .
  20. Pez

    Pez Active Member

    I sell these mics so I decided to plug one in to check it out. I think the last description was pretty accurate. It's a little more "tubby" sounding which is quite a bit different from your usual pro-sumer Chinese mics with the hyped high-end. I'm curious about the tube switch. Can you describe what changes it made tone wise?

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